When I get a moment…..

As soon as I get an extra moment I will up load several life drawing sketches and a few friends’ artworks. Keep sketching and working on your next masterpieces!

I finally am able to print out my art directions regarding miniature flowers I design. What a huge hurdle that was….Now if I can only get the files to email? Tried everything. Anyway, as soon as I have an extra hour I will try to figure out what to do next. The flowers I have posted in the Miniature Flower section the Directions are for sale. I can only print them at this point. I will mail them to you vs. email a PDF.  Payment would be through Paypal to my email.  Please email me if interested. Thanks.

In the next day or so I will post the amount of pages per flower and the directions I have so far; such as container ideas etc.

I was going to sell and post per flowers directions; I think it will be easier if I combined three flowers and their directions per mini book. I will figure out the cost for printing color ink, folder and shipping in US and I will post soon. Please look for a new menu tab in the near future for Mini Flower Directions for sale.

Blessed to be busy working on my artwork.

Firstly, Thanks to God for all His Blessings everyday and especially answering prayers.

I have been very busy with artwork these past few weeks and it has been great. I joined an Art Palette Club in my area which I believe will be beneficial for me; meeting new artist and being a part of a great organization. I had the chance to meet a well-known artist Jim MacFarlane and watch him start a watercolor. I took from that demonstration how he uses complementaries in color to value the artwork. Very interesting. He gave an idea or theory he uses; skim milk, milk, cream and heavy cream in watercolor consistency in layer of paint.This applies to each layer of watercolor that should be used in every watercolor painting. There should be layers of colors or the same color. I believe his site is jimmacfarlanestudio.com

I suggest asking yourself if there is a light source and then check the composition for balance and rhythm or movement throughout the composition. I am trying to paint into a more loose style but still keeping the realism. Not as easy as it sounds. I think finding the right composition is key to help with the focus or subject in the painting and then the secondary subject matters can be loose. I suggest taking a lot of pictures of the same subject; this will force you to look at the subject in an unique way producing interesting composition. Check for a strong light source also.

Life drawing class has started and I LOVE it! I also have a few pictures to post! Look for inspiration in everyday life, find subject matters that you are passionate about. Painting or your artwork is a reflection of your soul.   Have a great week.

Made an artist.

Just when you think you understand and have a grasp on “My art” the universe has a different idea. I have a habit of saying I am a portrait artist, but I really need to open those borders by saying painting portraiture is my love. Maybe I should stick to “I am an artist”.  I had a recent artwork where I needed to paint landscape and I actually loved painting the scenery. Who knew and the landscape actually came out very well.  I find amongst artist friends each has a speciality and style which they stick too; I do not want to be typed into one or few categories. Anyway, another life lesson.

I will be adding a new piece to my gallery soon….a new category to my experience. :}

Improving your skill level is important if you want to better your artist ability; keep Life drawing. Life drawing is key to improving your skill level. Even if the only access you have to a model is drawing Grandpa sleeping in his old chair than sketch Grandpa. You can not advance to the next level if you do not have strong fundamentals in drawing; you need to know how to draw what something actually looks like in reality [realism] before you can change form for a stylized art. Keep sketching during a lunch hour; watching people walking by or a co-worker. A sleeping family member or maybe someone in your family wont mind sitting for you for a  few minutes. Use charcoal and newsprint which will allow you to sketch quickly and shade in values in a short five minute pose. You can do it! Let me know how you are doing.

Thanks once again to the comments I receive; some are “eye brawl” raising and interesting, most are kinds words which I truly appreciate.

Hitting the wall!

Yesterday an artist friend and student of mine were taking about when as an artist we “Hit the wall” when painting or drawing or whatever medium it is. This particular brain freeze of where to go next? How do I put the background in or where do I go from here? It can be a question and answer of simple as skill level needing to be developed and there is the “Hitting the wall”. Most times artist want to give up at this point, but DON”T! This is a crucial time of learning, the art juices are flowing. Press through and don’t put the artwork away and think you will come back and finish because that time usually never comes. Sit the artwork aside for a few days but continue to view the artwork and let the composition speak to you. Let the artwork speak to you and see what parts bother you or figure out what just doesn’t look right. Sometimes I do Not like to show anyone my artwork to a certain stage and I respect that, but someone may see something you do not. A constructive critique is key to any artist.

For myself when painting this last watercolor of the kids in the pool I found myself “Stuck” on what to do with the background. I love painting in realism in any medium, but I also need a balance of subdued color or style for a happy balance in composition. The problem is getting there. I see other artist works that I know I have the same skill level of realism, but how they achieved the balance is a learning process I need to work more in. Watercolor is an ideal medium for loose wash techniques and most artist paint watercolor in that style, but I don’t or have a hard time of breaking free from controlled layers of color or photo realism. This is where Life drawing helps with timed poses and self teaching of “Letting go” from adding too much realism. It’s funny because I have artist friends that tell me they wish they could paint watercolor like I do and here I am wanting to paint looser. Go figure. I don’t think it is has to do with not being content on how I paint I don’t want my compositions to speak “seen it” already. Artwork can become seen and done it, Next! There are some artist that paint and their skill level is amazing but the artwork is steal after twenty paintings completed the same way. That is where I am at, I think? The car watercolor before this pool painting I don’t mind total realism through out because the composition is strong. There is the happy balance once again. Being an artist is a struggle, especially when emotion is attached. That is what an artist is made of, a bag of emotion trying to escape through paint. Add life, experiences in life and it reflects in our artwork and how we have a need to create through all these experiences. Maybe it is growth in our work? It is what makes us accomplished artist? Instead of thinking about it and never really have the answers of these questions being asked through-out time it is best to pick a brush and work it out! Will I get there eventually? I think so, but artwork is never really finished. I guess the finished artwork or when I call it finished relates to where I am at that particular time in life. Too profound today with unanswered questions. Time to pick up the brush, put some Neil Young on and paint…….:}

Thanks for reading to the bottom [lol], I do read all the comments and I have to say some are crazy! Not exactly sure where they are coming from and please try to keep them to yourself. I need to add video as some have suggested, I still need to figure out how to get the flowers files out of scrapbook program. I am not the sharpest tack on the board but I have tried all that I know how to do on this computer. Anyway, if anyone knows please email the solution. Thanks.

Calling all artist.

A quick way to re-discover a direction in your artwork is to draw/paint a self-portrait. I know some artist are not into self portraits but it will teach you to see “Your soul” and portray it. It forces you to go beyond your limits and pushes you to the next level. Trust me. It’s not easy! Don’t give up either. The artwork will become your great piece.

When sketching an idea or composition focus on you up close or in a simple composition. Photograph yourself in the same environment about 50 shots. This will force you to push pass the “Normal photograph”. It also teaches you see in a new direction, something that hasn’t been done before.

Building an easel

The matt I have leaning against the watercolour  is not the correct size, it needs a wider size. The way the fence came out in the distance I like, especially the way the colors are subdued.

Building an easel isn’t hard if you have help from someone who likes using power tools. I had this easel from college that my Dad made me. Getting rid of it wasn’t an option, but after years in an attic the wood was old and somewhat smelly. The easel did sit outside on my porch for a few days just to air it out before I brought it back in. All the existing wood was re-screwed and reinforced with new wood. At first the plan was to take it apart and follow the plans with new wood, but I decided to just reinforce what I already had. “My First Watercolour” was painted on this easel! The top white surface I would use at all cost if that was the only sections salvageable. Staying re-connected to those artistic days is important to me, trying to take the influence of my art then into the present day artwork I am producing. The photography I work on this semester will have that particular goal and theme.

As you can see in the picture it is a top bolted from two steel bars too two post so that the top can change angles.  There should be two arm type bars on the sides that would help change angles and screw tight to hold the angle, but I didn’t make them as yet. The original ones are missing, but so far I like the ability to move the top freely, so I will see how this works out before I re-make new side arms. I am happy I was able to re-use and bring back to life what my Dad had made me. My Dad always said, “Don’t ever be afraid of where you come from!” and it’s true. When he made this for me it was about three feet larger which was large then but too large for my space today. Plus I added magic sliders so I can move it into the light when I am painting. It measures now about 40 inches wide. I also added a few pieces of wood to raise it a bit higher. The posts are suppose to be able to move up and down to height with bolts, but I just screwed the two post together. It is really hard and heavy to adjust height.

I had two jobs in college if being in college isn’t hard enough, I was  a little  embarrassed at this easel at first. { Embarrassed has “ASS” in there}  All my art friends had store-bought easels and I wanted one too! This easels was two and three times larger than anyones and homemade….sort of felt Amish! Now, I wouldn’t think of parting with it, it comes from Love. Jesus says there is nothing more important than Love.  I think there come a time when we have been through so much already in our lives and who really gives a crap what others think. It’s not that important what others think about me at any age, but it takes a maturity level before that clicks.