Graphite Drawing


Graphite drawing by Jordan. Learning to draw is not as hard as some make it. You need a good teacher; someone who understands realism and wants to teach you foundation. I can’t express enough how important Foundation learning is. You must learn to understand form and how to create it with warm and cool tones in graphite. Starting to draw with a “Hill and Valley” concept { which I created in my teaching experience } is key to understand more complex skill sets.

I guarantee I can teach you!!!

portrait painting



Oil painting is easy when you have knowledge about drawing forms. Realism in any medium is about layers and lighter layers of building forms. I will add more on this later, don’t have the time now, but stay tuned. This is titled, “The Un-sent Letter”. It is about a young woman sitting getting ready for her wedding day. She is holding a letter she never sent to an old love. It is about life decisions and “Letting Go” of the past’ heart wrenching. There will be several clues painted to add to the story, which line up with my recent photography. More to come.

Art lessons

Please check out some of my photography on ! My artwork has been recommended and promoted by other photographers on the website. Amen! Thank you God.

imageI have to say it is wonderful to receive such kinds words when one checks their messages. Thank you Marie, it was my pleasure.

I wanted to touch base with you to say how happy I was with the work that you did with Liz. Her drawing went from nice to awesome!! Your instruction made her pictures come to life. You are the best!
We will be in touch.
Best wishes,
Marie B.

Fine Art Studio

The header I currently have the pictures are not as clear as in shop? When I have more time to play I will work on it.


I have been busy working on my own portfolio as well as working with my artist friends when I could. Summer has flown by and here it is mid August already! Time for school and getting back to a regular routine schedule.

As far as my artwork goes I finished the large black and white watercolor shown in the center of the header, which I like. Plus, I do need to matte it yet.  Now, I will start to put thought into action on the photography series that  I was working on last spring semester. Not one hundred percent sure where this art series is going, but I have several ideas.  I will know when I get there; plus in the duration producing some beautiful photography. Over all it has been a really great experience thus far.

In between the darkroom come Fall, studio time and family my hours will be filled; just the way I like it. I will make time though for my artist friends. I like to be productive and moving in the right direction.

learning composition

This is a friends artwork, Karen’s artwork, color pencil  and oil pastel. Really nice job Karen!001

God answers

I must testify how great Our God is; as today’s world is…. most people have many issues, circumstances on their plates. We all need a bit of divine help and God in our lives. God loves you and He is not mad at you, any of us! I have been praying about a situation that needed much clarification and after praying with John Haggerty on TV yesterday within twenty minutes God had made a path to reach the right person to answer and help.

God will always answer our prayers when we come to His throne with a pure heart. Invite Jesus into your heart, ask him to forgive you of your sins, ask Him to be your Lord and Savior  and watch what happens in your life.

Elvis the goat!

Here is the progression of Elvis the goat in graphite pencils; 4H {warm tone}, 4B {cool tone} and a HB Neutral tone. Notice how I only have an outline sketched and not set in stone. When you have trouble sketching a form out start with one shape such as an eye. Work from one eye out, therefore allowing it to be easy to erase an outside form lines. If you try to draw the outside lines first and then go back and “TRY TO FIT” in the eyes in later in an open space it will not work unless you have Mastered drawing and realism drawing. Work from one form such as an eye and work from the eye and outward.

Use the warm and cool tones of the graphite to set form in space; remember warms tones will come forward and cool tones will go back in space to help create form and shape. Without the darks there is no realism.002

In the following picture this is how far I was able to get in two hours.

001I can not stress enough if you are an over-sketcher on cheap paper of 140lbs. or less you are wasting value sketches turned into a drawing on CHEAP paper. You are not doing yourself any favors by doing this. Get yourself a really good drawing paper pad of 140lb or better. Even buy Illustration hot press drawing board this way when your over-sketched  doodle is over-sketched it can become a serious composition because it is on good acid free paper or board. Use the cheaper drawing pads of 140lb. or less for Doodles or thumb-nail sketches. You have better results from the graphite on better paper too. Cheap papers are not made to hold serious artwork.001

Following directions.


Here is an updated picture of Joan’s goats.001


When you are drawing with graphite, color pencils or any other medium tools always follow the direction of the forms. Look at the following pictures below; notice the direction of the goat hair and draw it in that direction. .001003002

Notice the direction of the chin fur or hair.  Pressing with the “B” graphite pencils such as a 6, 7, and 8 Bs. will allow you to see realism sooner rather than later. If you draw in values of 5,6, 7 H range you will not see realism in your drawing. It will be flat with not much blending of forms and shapes. Do not be afraid of using the B pencils which are cool in tone and will “go Back into” in space. If you are having trouble using the higher B pencil because you are afraid or just do not understand how to use them I suggest practice sketching with a few higher numbered B pencils. For example; use a 6, 7 and a 8 B pencils and draw a few simple shapes such as a sphere, a square, an apple. Use the number 6B as the lightest in the three range. Getting over your fear is the only way to break through to realism.

Building an easel

The matt I have leaning against the watercolour  is not the correct size, it needs a wider size. The way the fence came out in the distance I like, especially the way the colors are subdued.

Building an easel isn’t hard if you have help from someone who likes using power tools. I had this easel from college that my Dad made me. Getting rid of it wasn’t an option, but after years in an attic the wood was old and somewhat smelly. The easel did sit outside on my porch for a few days just to air it out before I brought it back in. All the existing wood was re-screwed and reinforced with new wood. At first the plan was to take it apart and follow the plans with new wood, but I decided to just reinforce what I already had. “My First Watercolour” was painted on this easel! The top white surface I would use at all cost if that was the only sections salvageable. Staying re-connected to those artistic days is important to me, trying to take the influence of my art then into the present day artwork I am producing. The photography I work on this semester will have that particular goal and theme.

As you can see in the picture it is a top bolted from two steel bars too two post so that the top can change angles.  There should be two arm type bars on the sides that would help change angles and screw tight to hold the angle, but I didn’t make them as yet. The original ones are missing, but so far I like the ability to move the top freely, so I will see how this works out before I re-make new side arms. I am happy I was able to re-use and bring back to life what my Dad had made me. My Dad always said, “Don’t ever be afraid of where you come from!” and it’s true. When he made this for me it was about three feet larger which was large then but too large for my space today. Plus I added magic sliders so I can move it into the light when I am painting. It measures now about 40 inches wide. I also added a few pieces of wood to raise it a bit higher. The posts are suppose to be able to move up and down to height with bolts, but I just screwed the two post together. It is really hard and heavy to adjust height.

I had two jobs in college if being in college isn’t hard enough, I was  a little  embarrassed at this easel at first. { Embarrassed has “ASS” in there}  All my art friends had store-bought easels and I wanted one too! This easels was two and three times larger than anyones and homemade….sort of felt Amish! Now, I wouldn’t think of parting with it, it comes from Love. Jesus says there is nothing more important than Love.  I think there come a time when we have been through so much already in our lives and who really gives a crap what others think. It’s not that important what others think about me at any age, but it takes a maturity level before that clicks.


Here is a way to contain all your brushes in one neat spot. This is bead holder found in the jewelry department. I am sure you can find one on-line. It is a Bead Bellishment Bench by ArtBin, I found this at AcMoore art and craft store. All I did was buy sand from the Dollar Store and added about 60% in each jar leaving the lid off. Added my favorite brushes and it works wonderfully! My brushes are not as long as oil brushes can be, they are watercolor brushes mainly. As you can see in the picture it really works well. I guess you could use beans, rice or tiny beads instead of sand, but sand works. I like this because I can see where the brush I want easily and I don’t need to put a brush cover on any. When you are traveling with your brushes DO NOT just throw them in the bottom of your bag! If you do not have anything to contain them at a quick moment at least roll the brushes up in a paper towel. If you don’t want to buy anything, at least use a paper towel cardboard tube; simply roll the brushes up in a paper towel and stick in the tube. You can find many tube like structures to use around the house. In the Dollar stores you can buy a straw table place-mat which will allow you to stick or weave the brushes through the straw and roll the mat up.