Blessed to be busy working on my artwork.

Firstly, Thanks to God for all His Blessings everyday and especially answering prayers.

I have been very busy with artwork these past few weeks and it has been great. I joined an Art Palette Club in my area which I believe will be beneficial for me; meeting new artist and being a part of a great organization. I had the chance to meet a well-known artist Jim MacFarlane and watch him start a watercolor. I took from that demonstration how he uses complementaries in color to value the artwork. Very interesting. He gave an idea or theory he uses; skim milk, milk, cream and heavy cream in watercolor consistency in layer of paint.This applies to each layer of watercolor that should be used in every watercolor painting. There should be layers of colors or the same color. I believe his site is

I suggest asking yourself if there is a light source and then check the composition for balance and rhythm or movement throughout the composition. I am trying to paint into a more loose style but still keeping the realism. Not as easy as it sounds. I think finding the right composition is key to help with the focus or subject in the painting and then the secondary subject matters can be loose. I suggest taking a lot of pictures of the same subject; this will force you to look at the subject in an unique way producing interesting composition. Check for a strong light source also.

Life drawing class has started and I LOVE it! I also have a few pictures to post! Look for inspiration in everyday life, find subject matters that you are passionate about. Painting or your artwork is a reflection of your soul.   Have a great week.

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