Updating Rose’s progress.

003 Here you can see Rose added brighter greens to the geranium leaves and the plant is starting to pop.


Notice the difference between the door glass reflections; the difference from just making the panes darker. The first picture is the recent; we added a cool black [Mars black] with a dot of a navy blue. This allows and counts for depth in the glass refection. Now, look at the bricks in the wall closest in the left picture; notice how they do stand out and or pop more in the left or first picture. Just by adding the black has an effect on the brick [left picture]. The goal is to play lights and darks against each other. The highlights on the brick may not even need a lot of lights to make them more realistic. All that is painted from depends on how far you would want the painting to be realistic. For myself, I need to take it to the next level. Also consider lavender as a base for shadows, add a bit of lavender for a cool or warm shadow. Lavender works very well with grays and browns.

************Very important you need a full range of value in your work. Most people are afraid of using 9′ and 10′ dark, but you need the entire range for realism. Plus this goes for the light values as well.