Made an artist.

Just when you think you understand and have a grasp on “My art” the universe has a different idea. I have a habit of saying I am a portrait artist, but I really need to open those borders by saying painting portraiture is my love. Maybe I should stick to “I am an artist”.  I had a recent artwork where I needed to paint landscape and I actually loved painting the scenery. Who knew and the landscape actually came out very well.  I find amongst artist friends each has a speciality and style which they stick too; I do not want to be typed into one or few categories. Anyway, another life lesson.

I will be adding a new piece to my gallery soon….a new category to my experience. :}

Improving your skill level is important if you want to better your artist ability; keep Life drawing. Life drawing is key to improving your skill level. Even if the only access you have to a model is drawing Grandpa sleeping in his old chair than sketch Grandpa. You can not advance to the next level if you do not have strong fundamentals in drawing; you need to know how to draw what something actually looks like in reality [realism] before you can change form for a stylized art. Keep sketching during a lunch hour; watching people walking by or a co-worker. A sleeping family member or maybe someone in your family wont mind sitting for you for a  few minutes. Use charcoal and newsprint which will allow you to sketch quickly and shade in values in a short five minute pose. You can do it! Let me know how you are doing.

Thanks once again to the comments I receive; some are “eye brawl” raising and interesting, most are kinds words which I truly appreciate.