Hannah’s artwork


A bluebird painted by Hannah in watercolor.
When using techniques doesn’t mean you don’t need to go back into the painting. Here in the water a darker blue was added. The easiest way to enhance the painting is to follow the pattern the particular technique has resulted. Deeper water is a darker blue or shades of blue. Water next to land will be lighter in hue due to the water not being as deep.  The pines were made with a fan brush, the easiest way to make them is upside down. Use the brush in many directions; horizontally  towards the bottom of the tree and vertical towards the tops. The mountain top of range was made with a sponge’s tips.

*****Remember it is important to work on perspective by drawing and practicing shapes; as a box, square and sphere. If you can’t draw painting will be difficult.

This is a watercolor in progress using the scran [plastic] wrap technique for water, a sponge to start the landscape and sky was free hand. The trees are dry brush using only the tips. A squirt bottle’s spray is also a neat idea for the water for a pebble effect.

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