Here is my newest watercolour painting. I named it, “Dad, Hold Still!” It measures 17 x 28″.

I still may go back add a bit here and there. I want to let it rest for a day or so. I see many tiny mistakes…..awe. I still want to bring the blue up into the sky.

Juried shows.

I have a post somewhere on my blog regarding entering juried shows. It is not as hard as you may think; not anymore since digital land. Juried shows can cost anywhere from an average of $9.00 to 30-40 dollars an entry. Usually if you enter two – three entries it may be around $75 to enter. Most show I have seen lately you enter a digital image at a certain size of usually 1000 or a bit more pixels. The rules on the show page will have a required size in the rules. Follow the guide to what they want. You will need a credit card to enter and pay for your image[s]. Follow the directions. When entering I like to enter at least two paintings for the reason the judges see my range of style and control of watercolor. Entering one piece is good when your artwork is spot on and hits the high mark being able to stand strong solo in composition and all the elements.  Some artwork needs to be seen in a series of three if the subject matter is similar in content and similar compositions. If there is not a strong compositional range in the work, then I like to enter three images of close subject matter. For example; say you paint flowers up close in a size 9 x 12. One painting or drawing is not strong enough or large enough to stand alone. Not every case, but for the most part. It leaves the viewer or judge thinking it just can’t make the cut because it needs just a bit more to take it to the next level. But, when you put three paintings together similar in content they enhance each other in content and become a strong entry. It is usually three or five in a series. After five it’s time to move on and expand your artwork to something else so you’re not repetitive.

When taking your best picture I photograph outside under my porch. I have true natural light with no cast shadows. The natural light is usually crisp and I get a true color read. NEVER photo shop your imagines…..you will be disqualified. If you make the first cut you may be asked to physically bring your artwork to place where your work will be displayed and judged. Some shows they judge solely on the digital images. Find a show that fits your artwork and go for it!

Here is a list of a few magazines that list shows and on their sites there will be a listing in the competition menu or event menu. You can find these magazines at Barnes and Noble bookstore or another bookstore in your town.

www.artistdaily.com, www.artistmagazine.com, www.watercolorartistmagazine.com, www.baltmorewatercolorsociety.org.

American Artist Magazine, American Artist drawing, Watercolor Artist, The artist magazine,and International artist. 

Prismacolor.com also has a gallery to display your artwork, sign on and create your artwork gallery. You can look at other artist as well and share tips and recieve feedback too.

How to recognize a con-artist.

There are copyright laws for a reason, please respect them. As a true artist we hold a self-respect to a high standard regarding our and other artist artwork. DO NOT EVER take credit for another artist artwork. If you do that…… then call yourself a con-artist.

These type of people you don’t want to work with anyway, so shake it off. What does Jesus say; pick yourself up and dust your sandles off and keep moving. God will acknowledge your honesty and open doors and bless you! Always do the right thing in everything.

Color theory

Remember when you are painting or using any medium with color that warm colors and tones will automatically come towards you in space. Any cool tone shade or color will go back in space. It is the Law of the land; the way God designed it and that principle can not be changed and altered as hard as some artist will try. If you know of an artist that has had sucess in this please email the name so I can view this for myself.

Dark colors asborb all color and white reflects all color. With the absent of light there is darkness. It is only when you add “Light” will the color show through. Even in black and white mediums there are several blacks and whites shades of color. For example Ivory black is warm tone, Lamp black is cool tone. Use this principle to enhance your work. To see these values get a piece of paper and paint the colors out marking which one is what. Look at them closely; warm tones shades will come towards you in space as darks go back in space.


Here is a way to contain all your brushes in one neat spot. This is bead holder found in the jewelry department. I am sure you can find one on-line. It is a Bead Bellishment Bench by ArtBin, I found this at AcMoore art and craft store. All I did was buy sand from the Dollar Store and added about 60% in each jar leaving the lid off. Added my favorite brushes and it works wonderfully! My brushes are not as long as oil brushes can be, they are watercolor brushes mainly. As you can see in the picture it really works well. I guess you could use beans, rice or tiny beads instead of sand, but sand works. I like this because I can see where the brush I want easily and I don’t need to put a brush cover on any. When you are traveling with your brushes DO NOT just throw them in the bottom of your bag! If you do not have anything to contain them at a quick moment at least roll the brushes up in a paper towel. If you don’t want to buy anything, at least use a paper towel cardboard tube; simply roll the brushes up in a paper towel and stick in the tube. You can find many tube like structures to use around the house. In the Dollar stores you can buy a straw table place-mat which will allow you to stick or weave the brushes through the straw and roll the mat up.

Increasing realism

I usually don’t render with complimentary color, but I started to take in the shadows with blue. I have a long way to go on this and I will get it done for the juried show I am planning on entering in December. I need to work on the hands and fingers, I am taking my time painting. I just worked on the top boy’s thumb.  I will work more tomorrow afternoon. Busy day today. A very busy day tomorrow as well. Thank God for His Blessings today.

Proof reading

As many times I looked at the painting of Adam and his car I never noticed I forget to paint the “e” in the website that is painted on the back of my car. Joan noticed it today!!!Thank goodness she did and I had enough time to fix it and resubmit it to the juried show. Wow! Can’t believe I missed it. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered? IDK,,,,but glad the mistake was caught in time, the deadline is Monday. Tip: double and triple check the spellings in the composition. Plus, when you sign your work give a bit of space; in other words don’t sign on the edge. Awe…what an art day today!  Also, do not write your name large enough to see it before you notice the artwork itself! Do not be so vain……it kills the attitude of the artwork. If you want to write your name in large print….do a painting of your signature. Seriously, your signature should be discrete towards the bottom not seen unless looked for or in the pattern of the composition. Look at the Masters.

Watercolor continued.

I knew when I started to draw this times three this was going to be “One of those” pieces! Very frustrating composition….maybe it’s my summer so far? Hot and humid as anything outside and just crappy weather. I wanted to paint a few landscape watercolor paintings this summer outside, but It is really hard to enjoy the day in the blazing heat. Anyway…could be 100 inches of snow.

Saturday; I need to draw up some lessons plans on how to Follow the form 101 for an artist friend of mine and I will post them. Maybe they will help some whom need drawing advice regarding realism. I will post these by Wednesday.

I had a chance to work a bit more, but I made the man’s head too small. So, now I need to figure out how to make the head larger on established wc. I can do it, “I mmm skilled” lol… Tip: when working realism use one color for the flesh tone; Burnt Umber is a nice base for flesh tone. Watercolor realism is about layers. FOLLOW THE FORM. Paint in the direction of a shape or form.  All the tones so far on the people are a base of Burnt Umber. After the forms are in then I will start to add washes of pinks, crimsons. Paint your people with the base color first. Every layer added even with the same base will add increased color to the form or shape; every layer adds to the depth of color. There are NO LINES on a face; they are creases, hills and vallies. In my old set I don’t have fancy colors, I am trained “Old school”. Make your own shades and colors. “Learn how to paint with less” Mr. Sorrels would say. If you need a richer brown add a bit of Vandyke brown. If your portrait needs more of an olive skin type add a bit Raw Umber; found in Fancy sets. I was taught the less you have in a paint selection the better you will learn to mix color! It is true. Today there are too many colors, shades of color, hues of colors and you don’t learn how to mix colors on your own!  With the 12 pan set or less you learn how to mix any color you may need. I just knew I didn’t have the money as some of my peers in college for art supplies and felt quite poor actually. BUT,,,,I can mix you any shade or color you need from my tiny 12 pan set which I still have. So, who benefited? I can afford the 45 pan set now and it really doesn’t impress me as I thought it would.

This is the point I painted too. I need to detail the hands and fingers and start to work the detail. I have time, the show isn’t until Dec. something deadline. I also need to draw up a background. I don’t mind comments and some are really nice, then there are ones for enhancing drugs and porn ads….please don’t send me them! It is a pain in a**  to weed through the crappy nasty sex comments and I have decided to pray for you all with such conflict or feel you have the need to email such exposing subject matter to everyone in your lives. Thanks. I do appreciate the nice comments and look forward to reading/answering them……over 500 and counting!