Testimonials from artist friends I have worked with as follows:

Roxanne is an excellent tutor. Her knowledge is diverse and she is able to speak with expertise in many art media–drawing and painting–watercolor, pastel, charcoal, etc. She is even certified in photography–a must for almost all artists. Roxanne is patient and is quickly able to identify not only her student’s strong points and weaknesses but, amazingly, is able to quickly zone in on what a student’s goals are and where that student wants to go with his or her art. Her years of teaching are very evident.

By Joan.


Roxanne is a true artist and art teacher. I am glad I decided to seek her advice with my oil paintings. She was able to zone in where I was going wrong with my lack of drawing skills. Since then, I am drawing and sketching more and have seen an improvement. She has been very patient and able to zone in where I needed  improvement first.  I agree with the above statement by Joan. There is one very important difference with Roxanne vs. an art class, firstly the art lessons are one to one in a studio setting. So, I can ask questions without raising my hand and waiting for help from the teacher/instructor. Secondly, Rox knows hows to teach and explains the basic “how and why”  that I understand and can apply it to my artwork with guidance. Really great!



Seeking Roxanne’s help with my watercolors was so refreshing. I was very frustrated with my painting skills and needed insight and a new approach. She is able to teach you and show the differences in approaches which truly helped me. We have been friends for years and I know her schedule, but Rox took the time to help me.  :} Brenda


I have known Roxanne for years and one birthday she painted a watercolor portrait of my granddaughter for me a birthday gift! I treasure the painting. If you are on the fence about taking art lessons from her do yourself a favor and book with her! Your artwork will improve. Cindy


Rox told me I needed to draw more to understand form and because I am stubborn I didn’t want to take her advice and do the work it takes too improve; I wanted a quick fix……. So, I went to an Art school in Allentown and paid a large sum for six weeks of lessons; I was thinking I’d learn more in a classroom setting. Well, needless to say I paid all that money for nothing. Called Rox and she helped me in a new productive direction. I have learned more from her then when I sought instruction at other places. Thanks Rox for your help. Ted

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