My Dollhouse named Zanadumansion.

Hi, I wanted to add this website link [ #1] called The Throne Miniature Rooms. If you can look these miniature rooms up and be amazed at the craftmanship  and beauty these room boxes are. I will start to add website connections to other dollhouse sites as well.

I must send a sincere Thank you for a comment from a viewer [1865 civil war home] on my blog for the kind words about my dollhouse. Your comment Inspired me Not to break down my dollhouse. I haven’t had the time that I’d like to donate too working on my mansion. This past year I have been working hard to build my studio and putting time and effort into fueling my art passion.  I can put two drawings on hold and begin to work on the construction. My problem is I like to decorate, add furniture before the rooms are completed. Once I have the back walls on [that open] and the finishing construction on the entrance palor I will be in good shape.



Life drawing

Recent page has been added to the Life drawing category of two beautiful portraits. I will add one picture featured below sketched in the un-reveling nude figure fashion since this is pictured on a post page. Drawn on Strathmore artist cream color paper with basic charcoal in a 15 minute pose by a professional model. Without a photograph to view the expression was captured beautifully. The hand needs some improvement as far as detail to shape and shadows, but overall the sketch came out well. I find myself wanting to add more realistic detail at the fifteen minute duration poses. At this point I can render a fairly nice sketch, after this point I would need to use charcoal pencils to get tighter detail for more control of the medium. I also would use a different hot pressed surface paper for a longer posed sketch, a smoother surface would give me and allow more control with realistic detail.

If you double-click on the picture you can see the surface of cold press paper and how the charcoal goes on that surface. The paper was bought on clearance and I usually do not use cold press for life drawing, if I were in a pinch and wanted to work this drawing longer into a realistic sketch {sometimes a model will pose several minutes longer or come back to a difficult pose later} spray workable fixatif would follow next and then charcoal pencils which would allow a slight more amount of detail without taking up what was already down. 


This following watercolor I painted a long time ago and had it in a large portfolio just tucked a way. I never really knew where to go with the bubbles and background or the Mom? Now, I think it is time to tackle the painting since I have been working hard on my artwork and definitely taking my work to the next level. I welcome constructive criticism, so please feel free to comment. I titled this, “Mommy, one more time!”. I have photos of bubbles I did once in college in a color film photo class, now I need to find them. I guess I can look on-line, but I prefer to work from my own work unless I have the artist’s permission first. If I can’t find my worksheets of bubbles I suppose I will be playing with soap bubbles and my digital camera!

I believe part of the problem is I need to take my time and actually look at each bubble and it’s reflective quality before I just paint any line. The background needs to go darker though, but  I truly love the expressions on the girls faces. They are very anxious for the next set of bubbles. The Mom I need to find this pose in life drawing class and take it from there. I will keep posting updates as I paint on this. I started to add some sort of background and add updated bubbles. I have a long way to go! The background is so blue?…..I have no idea why I went this route. I will give it a go to add yellows and daytime light ad see how this effects the background. For the bubbles I just added white in a wash and it is a lot easier to have the background in first.

Color study

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This color study has been a “Hoot” experimenting with color. I had an idea about what I wanted it to look like, but I really enjoy the colors and play on light. The colors are so more vivid in person. I have no idea why the colors here are not as bright as shown below. The size is a bit large for me as well, I usually paint wc in tight realism. I am not completely finished….I need to work up the  door knob and detail a few things yet. But, for the moment I am going to sit this aside in my studio and just look at it for a while before I go back into it. The title will be “December shadow”. I looked to see if I could re-photograph this shot and the light  and shadow are not there at this point in time. The angle of the sun changes the shadows. I took this picture in December, so the name is perfect..This painting has become a color study of sorts.  I came across these English watercolors from the 40’s and 50’s and they are extremely translucent, transparent and bizarre to work with. Not what an experienced  watercolor artist would expect from the medium. The pictures do not capture the brightness or vividness that the colors really are. I want to work this to a point where all colors can be seen through a monotone color palette. I rarely paint so freely; not sure if I like this or not? What do you think?


Here are two pictures I took Monday on my way home from Kutztown, Pa. I have been working on my portfolio and loving every minute, meeting other artist and enjoying the artist God made me. This first picture is nice, I enjoy the composition and light.  My one drawing Professor Peter Taugott was all about “Where’s the light source?” so you better of had one!  I seem to be finding my way into “Show me the composition”.

There is one orb or light aura spirit in this photograph. Isn’t it interesting that there are orbs in these photos even on different days?  Every time  I  pass this gravesite it always seems to be unkept and just simply forgotten. It is so very sad to me, makes ya think. There is a run down farm house close by so the people must belong to the farm-house and farm that once flourished. I want to walk up to this gravesite and just put flowers on the grave. I believe there are spirits there, I always capture the orbs in the photographs.