My Dollhouse named Zanadumansion.

Hi, I wanted to add this website link [ #1] called The Throne Miniature Rooms. If you can look these miniature rooms up and be amazed at the craftmanship  and beauty these room boxes are. I will start to add website connections to other dollhouse sites as well.

I must send a sincere Thank you for a comment from a viewer [1865 civil war home] on my blog for the kind words about my dollhouse. Your comment Inspired me Not to break down my dollhouse. I haven’t had the time that I’d like to donate too working on my mansion. This past year I have been working hard to build my studio and putting time and effort into fueling my art passion.  I can put two drawings on hold and begin to work on the construction. My problem is I like to decorate, add furniture before the rooms are completed. Once I have the back walls on [that open] and the finishing construction on the entrance palor I will be in good shape.



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