Updated information.

Sometimes as an artist we experience not being clever or creative everyday. I found and learned to use the time wisely. Look at situations you are interested in; I love the way the light falls upon objects or rooms and even people. I like to study the environment and notice the expressions on people’s faces and how the light matches the moods. I like, love film photography…..I have a positive potential piece of future artwork. I was taught to take the picture in the camera’s lens and crop looking for composition, light and all the elements. That is what I think makes a great artist or piece; the ability to create with/from raw materials/talent. Having to guess whether the piece was changed in a program just doesn’t have the same truth for me. It’s just the way I was trained to see the photos I take. I enjoy my photography time and I appreciate the time spent seeing. Art is not about creating a piece in minutes, if the piece doesn’t  derive from soul it will not work in any aspect. Emotion in artwork is key.

It is very interesting to me to see the connection of my photography in college of how I perceived light and how those situations still inspire me today some twenty plus years later. It’s my common ground of subject I suppose or life has taught me to see more maturely.  This is the third year I have been working on my photography and really provoking and pushing myself in this area. I need to dedicate more time and just take the day and go out and photograph light. Like I stated before and believe there are seasons of change in life and time that works with our wanting to create. New seasons should be embraced and not railed against because if we fight change it will not be an easy transition. Learning to accept change gratefully will give us a better attitude towards the art we are creating and the life we are living, wrinkles and all.  Life doesn’t stay the same for anyone. I am at a season where my children are “pre-flying the nest” and I must admit I am looking forward to taking more time back for myself and concentrating on my artwork. Yeah, the house will be more quiet but the toilets will be flushed! I don’t want to get caught up in the moment the last one flies away, I want to dance with joy! I am more than a Mom. Do not ever say you are JUST a Mom! Being a Mom is the hardest job you will ever do well. Remember God sees all and knows our hearts. He does reward us with the desires of our hearts and His timing is different than ours.  I often look at people in the career art position I would like to be at this age, but I am grateful to be alive and survived the illness I endured. So, what ever God has for me in this approaching new season is good or I should say great!  I am trusting God and leaning on His understanding not my own. I am still Standing Baby!

In the next few weeks I will add new photography I am working on now. Adding new flowers design directions for sale and working on painting. Trying to expand my art borders and not putting my art in one box, style etc.

I must say I am not the best writer on my blog or do I spell everything correctly…..just the way it is. I will try to use spell check a bit more for those whom it bothers.

Another day.

Tonight is the last night for life drawing at Lafayette College for the next two months. I am a bit sad because once in life drawing studio again I realize how much the class has reinforced what I have already studied. That life drawing in the foundation for all art, either if you are a painter or whatever medium you work in. It is hard to manipulate realism if you do not have a basis or understnding for it first. Like I stated before sometimes I am not in the mood to draw by 7 pm at night! For the simple reason it has been a long day, I have back pain and really don’t do not feel like putting forth effort….many other reasons, but I need to prove to myself this is the only way I will improve as an artist on all levels. I need to have a strong foundation in order to stand tall so to speak. So, today I will attend in hopes to draw a professional model that doesn’t move so much. If I get tired of sketching gesture poses I will and need to concentrate on drawing hands and foreshortening views.  I have this watercolor I am starting in hopes to enter this juried show in NY by the end of July. I have it drawn out and I like it so far; I am having some trouble with the foreshortening of the one hand. I will try to work on that in a bit.

I have included a picture of my sketch that was drawn out in a “H” graphite pencil. If you use the H pencils be careful not to press hard on the paper/board because it will impress your paper with a mark or indent that will not come out. Do not press hard!  Also when starting to prepare your watercolors make enough of the base color, for example: This wc has blue as the base color of the car which means I need a lot of blue pigment. I use a porcelain egg tray for my palette, I find it works better than a porcelain plate because of the wells. I will make at least three pots “wells” of the same color blue in sure that I have enough of the same color blue to pull from. If one dries up it doesn’t matter just add water once again. Covering up a watercolor palette until next time just makes the paint have a funny texture for the next time…..just re-water to activate again.

This composition is starting to come into a 18 inch square and this I don’t care for. If it was Folk art then it would work, but I need to extend it somehow. Maybe by continuing the car a bit longer on the left side? That will give me the opportunity to show off some reflection work. I will see once I work a little longer on this.

 I ended up changing the arm angle and drawing in the hand larger in the picture below. Took the composition to 16×20, this way it wont be so expensive to frame because 16×20 is a standard size. I need about three hours straight to start painting and right now it’s late…home from life drawing which eas excellent as always. Now, for two months I can have Thursday night free.

Being an artist; part 2

Hey there, I finally had a chance to print the two pictures I want to take this new watercolor from. IDK why I am so afraid of my photo printer? Anyway, I have two pictures I am going to pull from. I decided it is time I start to enter juried shows. The show entries’ fee can be expensive and it adds up quickly. Who really has an extra hundred dollars lying around these days? I am gonna bit the bullet so too speak and enter a show coming up by the end of July. Who knows maybe my lucky stars are with me and I can win something right? As soon as I get this new watercolor drawn out I will start to post the progression.

Being an artist.

I was thinking about when people you are meeting for the first time and they ask “What you do for a living?”  It took me a long time to be able to say “An artist” in a prideful manner.  In my experiences people often have a raised eye brawl and look at you with disappointment that you don’t measure up somehow.  Not that you need their approval.  I think it is just human nature to want to be accepted on some level. Unless you are truly known for your art, then these people can’t wait to be seen with you. In college studios you’re surrounded by other artist usually a bit stranger then you and you fit right in no questions asked! Boy, do I miss my college days. I don’t know if for the reason of being young again or if I knew then what I know now? probably a little of each. Young people today have the same stresses just bumped up a notch or two; this I have noticed the past few semesters in the college darkroom.

 When I was teaching and someone would ask “What do you do?” and when I replied; “I am a teacher” I didn’t feel so convicted or out-of-place and somewhat respected. Maybe it’s just me? 

I believe that my art talent is God-given and If I feel ashamed about being an artist God can not honor my work or even bless and anoint it. Like I said it has taken me a long time to get to this point, and not that I don’t care what people think of me…..I have grown spiritually in my life and I like where I am in my life [this season].  Then I was thinking earlier today “I am not painting/drawing enough” and then in my studio I have recent artwork everywhere! Wow! The past six months I have been working my butt off with my portfolio. Then it occurred to me “Do not let the devil trip your ass up”! Whisper crap into your ear; always something negative “Your not good enough” or “Your art sucks”. I tell you ……it is Not you thinking all these negative thoughts! Don’t believe the lies of the devil. God loves you and has a great plan for your life. Just imagine what artwork you can create if you had a positive view of yourself. Plus, your artwork will flow with ease. Keep a sketchbook because you may not be able to paint all the ideas you have at once!

Composition is key. Taking 100 pictures of the same subject forces you to not only look at the subject differently; it forces you to see the composition outside your comfort zone.  Presses you to challenge your skills and the norm of the subject you are photographing. In so you will learn to see and recognize good compositions in the future. You want to provoke emotion in your art. The person viewing your art will stand in front of it much longer if you tell a story in the artwork itself. A subject matter that means something to them the viewer; a fond memory of growing up for example. You need to set the scene in your art and why would someone look at your work?  A strong title is important also. I struggle with composition myself from time to time. You want movement in your composition meaning lines, shapes and forms that have your eye going throughout the artwork.  A light source to establish the time of day and what feeling or experience do you want the viewer to take from your art? There is a lot to think about when it comes to composition. Just the look on someone’s face in your work can tell a story.

I like to photograph and use my own pictures for reference; do not use someone else’s artwork for your own unless you ask the artist. If then give credit to the artist whom took the picture.

I am going to start entering juried shows, I had some photography published in college and it has been a long time over-do and its time to turn my work up a notch!

American Artist Watercolor magazine is hosting a juried competition for watercolor artist named, “What do you love?”.  Here is the link:  www.watercolorcompetition.com for all the rules. Deadline for entry is August 6th, 2012.

I have a few competitions and dates written down somewhere and I will post in the next day or so. I have a great awesome composition in mind for this juried show and I will post the in-progress of this new piece. I did the photography today!


My Studio!

One of the best decision I ever made was to make a space for myself to work on my artwork. I like to call it my studio, makes me feel inspired to create. If I added my sewing machine it would be an old lady’s craft room! Anyway, I cleaned my space tonight and of course I wish it was larger…..but I am grateful for what I have.  My dollhouse is in the other corner to the left. I was thinking of trying to turn my dollhouse’s large table somehow thinking I would have more space…….but I love to look at Zanadu Mansion in all its unfinished splender. 

Thank you.

I just wanted to say a quick Thank you for all the kind words and feedback for my blog site. I am new to blogging and this site; I just wanted to show-case my artwork.  I did read every comment made and approved them, but I am not sure where to read them after they get approved or are posted? LOL! I am getting there.

 It has been a long journey getting to this point and at times I tell ya I wanted to give up!  It only has been the past year that I actually felt like putting forth effort, if that makes sense? Like I did write on my blog somewhere that between being Super Mom, the captain of this House and my health there wasn’t any time for me! And if there isn’t anytime for me I can’t give something or anything away if I don’t have it myself. We all want to be a better parent, a better spouse, and or sister etc.  I love Joyce Meyer and she says; ” You can’t give something away you don’t have”.  Example: you can’t give love if you don’t love yourself or you can’t  give respect to someone if you don’t respect yourself. The big one is: Hurting people hurt people!  IDK……my point is I am a happier person if I can create my art and feel good about myself creating.  I try to watch Joyce Meyer everyday and study The Word [Bible] with her and except the love God has for me through His Son Jesus. I have learned that { I } we do not have all the answers to life; Why did that happen? or why am I in this situation? etc. God lets things happen in our lives so we draw closer to Him and learn to Trust Him with absolute Faith. I wouldn’t be standing if not for my Lord and Savior Jesus.

I have no idea why I am writing this but in short story someone out there in cyber space must need to read this: 

I always wanted to be a Mom. God knows our hearts. I was Not able to have children because of Endometriosis and I lost count of how many surgeries later. I knew that I knew that the Lord God ways are not ours. I had to release my Faith in prayer and believe what God says about  circumstances.  Look up Matthew 7-24. The scriptures states anyone who stands on Christ will not fall.  My first child was born on 7-24 time. My second child was born on day 7-24 and my third child was born in room 724. Do Not ever say there is no God or Jesus.  If you are one of those people who say; “OH….not me” where is He in my life? Well, shut up, stop believing the devil, and invite Jesus into your heart and see not what you lose but how your life will change for the better.  As simple as; “Jesus, I invite you to come into my heart, I am a sinner, please forgive me and I make you my Lord and Savior”. Aman.  Watch your life change for the better.

Watercolor portrait

This is how far I was able to get on this watercolor of Audrey. I just started to paint in the foundation for the patterns. I am not following the actual photo pattern, using the photo as a guide. There are about four layers at least for the realism. At this point I am happy with the progress. I am changing the age and face lines some as well.

Came home a bit early from Life drawing to put another layer of color on. The scarf is coming along well. Once this dries well I will go back into it to finish.

Life drawing

Recent page has been added to the Life drawing category of two beautiful portraits. I will add one picture featured below sketched in the un-reveling nude figure fashion since this is pictured on a post page. Drawn on Strathmore artist cream color paper with basic charcoal in a 15 minute pose by a professional model. Without a photograph to view the expression was captured beautifully. The hand needs some improvement as far as detail to shape and shadows, but overall the sketch came out well. I find myself wanting to add more realistic detail at the fifteen minute duration poses. At this point I can render a fairly nice sketch, after this point I would need to use charcoal pencils to get tighter detail for more control of the medium. I also would use a different hot pressed surface paper for a longer posed sketch, a smoother surface would give me and allow more control with realistic detail.

If you double-click on the picture you can see the surface of cold press paper and how the charcoal goes on that surface. The paper was bought on clearance and I usually do not use cold press for life drawing, if I were in a pinch and wanted to work this drawing longer into a realistic sketch {sometimes a model will pose several minutes longer or come back to a difficult pose later} spray workable fixatif would follow next and then charcoal pencils which would allow a slight more amount of detail without taking up what was already down. 


This following watercolor I painted a long time ago and had it in a large portfolio just tucked a way. I never really knew where to go with the bubbles and background or the Mom? Now, I think it is time to tackle the painting since I have been working hard on my artwork and definitely taking my work to the next level. I welcome constructive criticism, so please feel free to comment. I titled this, “Mommy, one more time!”. I have photos of bubbles I did once in college in a color film photo class, now I need to find them. I guess I can look on-line, but I prefer to work from my own work unless I have the artist’s permission first. If I can’t find my worksheets of bubbles I suppose I will be playing with soap bubbles and my digital camera!

I believe part of the problem is I need to take my time and actually look at each bubble and it’s reflective quality before I just paint any line. The background needs to go darker though, but  I truly love the expressions on the girls faces. They are very anxious for the next set of bubbles. The Mom I need to find this pose in life drawing class and take it from there. I will keep posting updates as I paint on this. I started to add some sort of background and add updated bubbles. I have a long way to go! The background is so blue?…..I have no idea why I went this route. I will give it a go to add yellows and daytime light ad see how this effects the background. For the bubbles I just added white in a wash and it is a lot easier to have the background in first.


Here are two pictures I took Monday on my way home from Kutztown, Pa. I have been working on my portfolio and loving every minute, meeting other artist and enjoying the artist God made me. This first picture is nice, I enjoy the composition and light.  My one drawing Professor Peter Taugott was all about “Where’s the light source?” so you better of had one!  I seem to be finding my way into “Show me the composition”.

There is one orb or light aura spirit in this photograph. Isn’t it interesting that there are orbs in these photos even on different days?  Every time  I  pass this gravesite it always seems to be unkept and just simply forgotten. It is so very sad to me, makes ya think. There is a run down farm house close by so the people must belong to the farm-house and farm that once flourished. I want to walk up to this gravesite and just put flowers on the grave. I believe there are spirits there, I always capture the orbs in the photographs.