Color theory

Remember when you are painting or using any medium with color that warm colors and tones will automatically come towards you in space. Any cool tone shade or color will go back in space. It is the Law of the land; the way God designed it and that principle can not be changed and altered as hard as some artist will try. If you know of an artist that has had sucess in this please email the name so I can view this for myself.

Dark colors asborb all color and white reflects all color. With the absent of light there is darkness. It is only when you add “Light” will the color show through. Even in black and white mediums there are several blacks and whites shades of color. For example Ivory black is warm tone, Lamp black is cool tone. Use this principle to enhance your work. To see these values get a piece of paper and paint the colors out marking which one is what. Look at them closely; warm tones shades will come towards you in space as darks go back in space.

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