watercolor paper

Much added details added under painting tools in menu!

I wanted to add a thought for thinking…….watercolor is a medium I love to work in and I can use the medium and my skill to paint the level of realism I want to achieve. For awhile now I have been giving myself a hard time that I should change-up my style to use watercolor more expressively or a more watercolor style feel everyone expects watercolor to be. That’s wrong. I have a skill to paint watercolor extremely realistic which took many paintings later to achieve, plus I am happy and satisfied with my results in watercolor.  I have discovered or come to the conclusion I can paint or draw in an expressionistic style in other mediums to satisfy artistic needs. Maybe that’s why I enjoy working on a dollhouse which I have very realistic as well! lol…..startin to see a pattern. My dollhouse does take up one-quarter of my working space studio and I certainly could use the room for more art stuff, BUT……I enjoy working on it even if that time is sparingly these days. My miniature flowers I designs are beautiful to miniature artist. I just need to find a way to make the room work.

It is important to grow as an artist and be exposed to different techniques, styles of course, but you need to be happy with your artwork results which will result in trying new ways to approach different mediums. It is also important to give yourself a break and enjoy creating.  What do you think?

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