Water study.

The reflection of colors I would miss if I didn’t take the time to see. Simply beautiful.In the last two post I posted pictures of the fountain water. As an artist I know how the light changes the appearance of the water or any subject. The water actually doesn’t change color. It is the strength of the light that changes the color or reflection of color at a glance. Isn’t it interesting when the water is in our hands it is clear and simply not able to contain rich color meaning we can not stand alone without God. Only in a deep-sea [with God] its blue or rich with color. It reminds me of a scripture when Jesus told His disciples to cast their nets out into deeper waters if they wanted to catch fish. Out in deeper waters [with God] and only there are the reward of more blessings and fulfillment.

The following pictures are at different light times; daylight and pre-evening sunset. In three of the pictures there are reflections of all color or rainbow sparkles. Look at the picture directly below in the upper right hand corner; there I captured the reflection of all colors. I was trained to see the pending art in the camera lens and I like it that way. It may take more time and effort on my part; but that does allow me to see and appreciate the beauty the way God made it. Not a way I can change it,  because then the results are false. The outcome  of spending time and appreciating the beauty God created makes me feel closer to Him by spending the time well spent. Obedience is rewarded by Blessings from God. I could enhance the reflection with brighter colors, but I know I wouldn’t be happy with it because it’s not a true picture and there’s a falsehood about it. Taking the time to go back into a subject also forces me as artist to improve upon my insight of composition. How can I improve the angle of the subject or what makes this picture a portfolio piece? What sets me apart from other artist photographing water? I can tell you this if the picture has been altered in an art program it doesn’t have the value as the untouched photo does. So, if I get a chance today or tomorrow I will photograph again and see what God shows me.  I am going to paint one of these pictures and will post the progression.

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