Drawing animals in graphite

This is an updated picture of a graphite drawing in process by Joan. The kitty’s name is Ms. Belle a real loveable stinker I am told. In the composition notice how the detailed sofa wooden arm design balances out the pillow riffle.  It is the similar shapes that compliment each other. The design on the sofa material works because of the repetitive shapes and constantly of design. In good composition there should be movement throughout the drawing. There should be shapes, lines and form leading your eye into the picture and out of the picture. Notice how the piping on the sofa takes your eye across the composition. As Joan works on this drawing she is learning to understand value scale and how it relates to the composition concerning depth in shadows. Once the drawing is completed as far as the finishing of the drawing itself,  I will teach Joan how to take the realism to the next level. Please follow my blog for updates on the “How Too’s” in realism art.