self portrait

003This is how far I was able to paint. Two colors Ivory and Lamp black; warm and cool tones. I have a lot going on at the moment and haven’t had the time to sit down and work, but I will once I get things out of the way first. I am really enjoying the process of this painting and the strong light source with-in the composition.

The absolute best way to improve your artwork is to create a self-portrait! I know that can be scary and you may even think you can not because you don’t know where to begin. Start photographing yourself at various times. Set up a tripod with camera and when the spirit moves you just take a few pictures. Don’t worry about how you look and all of that, just shoot pictures and then regroup.

In the header of my website houses the first watercolor composition I ever painted and who knew? I see many mistakes now… The material is cool and painted well for the first time. I started a new watercolor from the original picture in a much larger size. I wanted to see how much I have grown as a painter in skill and technique since the first painting was created. I have about four hours so far, I hope to be able to make some time in the near future So far the foundation of watercolor is solid. 007

Loud House.

Here I sit in front of the computer and a watercolor waiting behind me waiting for my attention. Awe. Loud house! All the family is home, the friends are coming and going and just too many distractions to paint. I need to find a mellow zone so I can concentrate for a certain bit of time. Now, someone wants a haircut…..I just want to paint and create my art. I am patiently waiting for that season to show itself. Count my blessings right? I think at a certain point in a super Mom’s life we need our needs met.

On a happy note, life drawing is awesome. I love Thursday nights at Lafayette College. A special Thank you to Lafayette College for hosting and Crayola for sponsoring. Life drawing is the foundation for all art. You need to know how to draw realism before you can manipulate it, plain and simple. I will post a few new sketches as follows. I love drawing Elizabeth when she models for us; she is so elegant and her persona as a greek goddess would look. My drawings are not picking up on that like I’d like to portray. I am really beat and much need of a rest in every aspect and I see my artwork here is reflecting it. By Thursday evening I was exhausted, but didn’t want to miss the class time. The perspective is off………But, with every drawing comes a store-house of solid foundation for the next drawing. Keep pressing through. I enjoy this next sketch, but I ran out of room at the bottom of the paper. I like challenging myself with foreshortening views.

Life drawing

This was a 30 minutes sketch drawn on Strathmore artist paper which has a tooth; more likely to use with pastels. I enjoy working on this embossed cold press paper which has a surface or texture mimicking a golf ball divots.  Look closely at the dotty result from the paper’s texture. At first, when sketching it is tempting to toss the sketch into the garbage! It is not similar to drawing on newsprint, the texture doesn’t allow detail at first. Continue to work the sketch for the first 10 minutes or so. Here I used vine [soft] and compressed charcoal [hard] which allowed the shadows [in vine] to smear brilliantly. Still needs to be cleaned up and worked a bit more. The nose is a little too long, but I can’t change that now. This is still a good work sketch with a good likeness, so until he models for the class again this was a good practice.

I noticed how some of the other artist were drawing and most just sketch in a gestural approach. One person was drawing in the Geometric Simplification [in shapes or blocking], or simple contour drawing lines [ outside lines of forms]. 

I always start by drawing an eye and then the next eye. Get them in proper alignment and work from the center of the face outwards. If you draw the contour line [outside]  of the face first, then you make it very hard for yourself to “Fit” in the eyes, nose and mouth in proper relationship to each other or you will erase the contour line you put in already. Do not ever draw the chin for example smaller than it really is just to fit into the outside contour line you’ve drawn, erase the outside line. This model is very fit and in good shape, so the muscle lines are linear and defined in form which allows you to study the figure in proper proportions vs. an over weight model where you need to know the skeleton and look for core lines to start.  It is easier to sketch defined form for a 30 minute pose if the model is fit.  During a 30 minute pose the time will allow for a Tonal drawing meaning a value range study from lights to darks and allow for more detail or realism.

These next few charcoals are recent drawings from life drawing class.

Five and ten minute charcoal sketches from life drawing class last night.  Every Thursday evening from 7pm to 10pm at Lafayette College, Williams Art Building, 3rd Street, Easton there is open studio for local artist. Sponsored by Crayola and Lafayette College. Thanks you….much appreciated.