A new cat portrait in watercolor and color pencil size 11×14.

Well Milo’s portrait came out well. The colors are more vivid in person.  Ended up to be 11×14 framed.So, far the detail looks pretty good. It was a hard picture to do because the pictures were out of focus……….I have no idea why I have been given “cats” as subjects to draw lately? This watercolor is in progress, I need to add realistic details. The problem is I have been given blurry pictures! Awe.

I am not 100% sure on the background as yet. I am keeping the background simple, portrait like. In the artist tip section I have a fact about using tape to mark off the drawing section, in this picture you can see the tape. Plus when the artwork is finished and the tape is removed it leaves a nice crisp professional edge. I am thinking about an oval matt for this old kitty that has a few features that come with age. Kitty winkles!

With any medium creating realism is a Building Layering process.