Updated information.

Sometimes as an artist we experience not being clever or creative everyday. I found and learned to use the time wisely. Look at situations you are interested in; I love the way the light falls upon objects or rooms and even people. I like to study the environment and notice the expressions on people’s faces and how the light matches the moods. I like, love film photography…..I have a positive potential piece of future artwork. I was taught to take the picture in the camera’s lens and crop looking for composition, light and all the elements. That is what I think makes a great artist or piece; the ability to create with/from raw materials/talent. Having to guess whether the piece was changed in a program just doesn’t have the same truth for me. It’s just the way I was trained to see the photos I take. I enjoy my photography time and I appreciate the time spent seeing. Art is not about creating a piece in minutes, if the piece doesn’t  derive from soul it will not work in any aspect. Emotion in artwork is key.

It is very interesting to me to see the connection of my photography in college of how I perceived light and how those situations still inspire me today some twenty plus years later. It’s my common ground of subject I suppose or life has taught me to see more maturely.  This is the third year I have been working on my photography and really provoking and pushing myself in this area. I need to dedicate more time and just take the day and go out and photograph light. Like I stated before and believe there are seasons of change in life and time that works with our wanting to create. New seasons should be embraced and not railed against because if we fight change it will not be an easy transition. Learning to accept change gratefully will give us a better attitude towards the art we are creating and the life we are living, wrinkles and all.  Life doesn’t stay the same for anyone. I am at a season where my children are “pre-flying the nest” and I must admit I am looking forward to taking more time back for myself and concentrating on my artwork. Yeah, the house will be more quiet but the toilets will be flushed! I don’t want to get caught up in the moment the last one flies away, I want to dance with joy! I am more than a Mom. Do not ever say you are JUST a Mom! Being a Mom is the hardest job you will ever do well. Remember God sees all and knows our hearts. He does reward us with the desires of our hearts and His timing is different than ours.  I often look at people in the career art position I would like to be at this age, but I am grateful to be alive and survived the illness I endured. So, what ever God has for me in this approaching new season is good or I should say great!  I am trusting God and leaning on His understanding not my own. I am still Standing Baby!

In the next few weeks I will add new photography I am working on now. Adding new flowers design directions for sale and working on painting. Trying to expand my art borders and not putting my art in one box, style etc.

I must say I am not the best writer on my blog or do I spell everything correctly…..just the way it is. I will try to use spell check a bit more for those whom it bothers.

When to call it finished?

Every piece of artwork has a time when it is time to put down the brushes. There is a saying “Artwork is never finished” But that is a very thin fine line. Do not over-work a piece by playing attention to every tiny detail. In this painting I tilted; “DAD, HOLD STILL!”; I added a few dandelions here and there  for a dot of color to break up the green. Be careful how you add details;  I didn’t want the viewer’ eyes to go to the dandelions first. I like this……there are things I would have changed, but every artist is their own worst  critic.


 “DAD, HOLD STILL!”.  Watercolor; 16.75″ x 27.75″.

When I get a moment…..

As soon as I get an extra moment I will up load several life drawing sketches and a few friends’ artworks. Keep sketching and working on your next masterpieces!

I finally am able to print out my art directions regarding miniature flowers I design. What a huge hurdle that was….Now if I can only get the files to email? Tried everything. Anyway, as soon as I have an extra hour I will try to figure out what to do next. The flowers I have posted in the Miniature Flower section the Directions are for sale. I can only print them at this point. I will mail them to you vs. email a PDF.  Payment would be through Paypal to my email.  Please email me if interested. Thanks.

In the next day or so I will post the amount of pages per flower and the directions I have so far; such as container ideas etc.

I was going to sell and post per flowers directions; I think it will be easier if I combined three flowers and their directions per mini book. I will figure out the cost for printing color ink, folder and shipping in US and I will post soon. Please look for a new menu tab in the near future for Mini Flower Directions for sale.

Made an artist.

Just when you think you understand and have a grasp on “My art” the universe has a different idea. I have a habit of saying I am a portrait artist, but I really need to open those borders by saying painting portraiture is my love. Maybe I should stick to “I am an artist”.  I had a recent artwork where I needed to paint landscape and I actually loved painting the scenery. Who knew and the landscape actually came out very well.  I find amongst artist friends each has a speciality and style which they stick too; I do not want to be typed into one or few categories. Anyway, another life lesson.

I will be adding a new piece to my gallery soon….a new category to my experience. :}

Improving your skill level is important if you want to better your artist ability; keep Life drawing. Life drawing is key to improving your skill level. Even if the only access you have to a model is drawing Grandpa sleeping in his old chair than sketch Grandpa. You can not advance to the next level if you do not have strong fundamentals in drawing; you need to know how to draw what something actually looks like in reality [realism] before you can change form for a stylized art. Keep sketching during a lunch hour; watching people walking by or a co-worker. A sleeping family member or maybe someone in your family wont mind sitting for you for a  few minutes. Use charcoal and newsprint which will allow you to sketch quickly and shade in values in a short five minute pose. You can do it! Let me know how you are doing.

Thanks once again to the comments I receive; some are “eye brawl” raising and interesting, most are kinds words which I truly appreciate.

Proof reading

As many times I looked at the painting of Adam and his car I never noticed I forget to paint the “e” in the website that is painted on the back of my car. Joan noticed it today!!!Thank goodness she did and I had enough time to fix it and resubmit it to the juried show. Wow! Can’t believe I missed it. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered? IDK,,,,but glad the mistake was caught in time, the deadline is Monday. Tip: double and triple check the spellings in the composition. Plus, when you sign your work give a bit of space; in other words don’t sign on the edge. Awe…what an art day today!  Also, do not write your name large enough to see it before you notice the artwork itself! Do not be so vain……it kills the attitude of the artwork. If you want to write your name in large print….do a painting of your signature. Seriously, your signature should be discrete towards the bottom not seen unless looked for or in the pattern of the composition. Look at the Masters.

watercolor painting

LOL! This doesn’t look like the people in my picture….augh. At first the hair didn’t look like it should, then the highlights! Remember the highlights when painting, not after. Adding lighter highlights  afterwards is harder and the paint [watercolor] looks thick then. Plus, the flesh color layers of color are really sun-kissed and that is throwing me a bit too. Just remember to paint the face as form and normal color first, then add the tan rosy hues. I only had about an hour to work on this late last night, so once a background goes in I hope it starts to resemble Adam better.

It has taken me until to now to realize I rather paint up close realism, but I need to expand my artwork subjects and not get stuck painting the same subjects just in different comps. If I do that my work will get boring even though the skill is top-notch. This wc is large and hard to arrange the board to hold or put the board an angle to actually paint. The size is a bit overwhelming at first. I drew this three times! Once it came out too small for the subject matter and the second I had it drawn larger and beautifully….I had spaghetti sauce on the back of my hand and didn’t see it and I even washed my hands very well! Guess where the sauce went? If that isn’t a kick in the ass…..I drew it again. Understand, this is what it is to “keep pressing through” the situation you’re in. Here I have this great composition to paint, which I think has a good shot at least getting a mention in a show if I paint it well. Then here is the devil coming against me trying to destroy me through stupid sh** like the spaghetti sauce. He knows the Great things God has for me and if I give up too quickly or don’t keep trying I will lose and he wins. Thought for the day; Don’t give up and be defeated….keep pressig through”.

Sometimes in your drawing or painting  [and the actual artwork skill is good] but, something just does not look right to you? Maybe it is the size? Are you drawing it too small? Some subjects need to be larger drawn to “MatcH” the subject matter. For example; when I drew this smaller it didn’t look right to me. When I drew it again larger it “Fit”. But don’t overwhelm yourself at first with size…..work your way up to sized compositions.

Thank you to Gabrill and the office mates for all the kind words and checking out my artwork…….God Bless.

Watercolor completed and the Elements of drawing 101.

When I first started to paint this watercolor I really thought and considered not finishing it! At first it was overwhelming in size and felt intimating to paint. I rather paint closer up realism vs. in a large busy composition. It is a good thing really; signs of growing as an artist! I am working outside my comfort zone and the only way to grow as an artist is to work and challenge yourself in scale or subject matter. At the same time though you need to be able to admit the challenge may be too much out of your reach at this point. Now I need to figure out what I need to do in order to enter this in a juried show? Need to cut a matt and framing. Do read the rules prior to entering, which I did…but now need to actually take a moment to understand and carry them out. Wish me luck! Where’s my old drawing prof now!  *******Notice the edges! Neat and clean. That is what artist tape does for ya! I could matt about a quarter inch bigger to show the edges off if I wanted too.******The neatest part taking off the tape!

The Elements of drawing:

1. Line: gestural line, contour line, construction line, cross contour line and lines of shading. Line, shape, shade, form, color, value, space and texture.

In order to understand value range in scale and shape, form and line you need to have a strong foundation in understanding these elements and drawing. I suggest starting in graphite, a black and white medium. You need at least three to five solid compositions under your experience in order to start to understand value of shades along with solid composition. If the composition doesn’t work then the entire drawing will not work neither. There are several drawing exercises you should practice as well. These I can teach you. As soon as I get an extra moment I will post pictures of these exercises that you can follow. If you think you do not need them….then your wrong. You need a strong foundation of principles. Once you master these principles on all the elements your work will come more easily to you. Plus, a Life drawing class is the strongest foundation you can start with. You will learn to see all the elements with out too much pressure when working on a composition. When you are working on a drawing or any artwork you want the artistic magic to flow and it will with a strong foundation. Trust me on this. I am sure you have seen still life set-ups with circular shapes, sphere, cylinder, and cone shapes? These still life  are to teach you basic shapes that can relate to all things found in the natural. This teaches you the elements and how to draw them, but how to see the changing light on one object and how they affect each other in light. The following pictures may help you understand what I am saying when I say elements. One picture is from a drawing book [ Drawing the creative process by Seymour Simmons III and Winer] the sphere is one of  mine from college. These are great drawing exercises to practice.

Entering a juried show.

Entering a juried show can be a ball of tension. Now, I know and remember why I don’t care for entering them! I am trying not to focus on the due date vs. “Just painting”. Plus the fact I think it depends on who the judges are and the style of artwork they prefer.  Lately I have been looking at the artwork that was chosen to win in various shows and I am not sure why some artwork was even chosen to win? Is it political? I am sure the judges see something I don’t or at least I hope so. I am not going to concentrate on the nerves of the show [ follow the show’s rules], but I am going to start this watercolor today with the intension of entering. If I don’t finish, then I don’t enter this show; there will be other shows. I like to joke and say “I am almost half way to 100 yrs!” Ouch. Yeah, say that outloud…..so at this point in my life I have learned Not to lean on my own understanding, but God is the director of my life. If I keep doing the same old things I do [that don’t line up with Him] then I keep going around the same mountain until I do learn my lesson. I heard something pretty cool this morning and it is: Every opportunity has difficulty and every difficulty has opportunity and in adversity God created Beauty. Very interesting when heard like that.

I will begin this watercolor today in a bit and post pictures and tips as I go along. Here is the sketch that I think I am satisfied with. Before you start a painting and if you sketch it out first sit it down and look at it a few days before adding paint. Once the wc goes down it is harder to change or fix a mistake once started. Ask others to look at the sketch and tell  you what they see wrong. You may be just too close the problem and don’t see it. Trust me on this. Be careful when using the H graphite pencils……the hard pencil will score the paper and the indent will not come out and be seen through watercolor. Use a 4H or 2H to sketch but lightly! The watercolor will dislove the graphite and whatever is still there can be erased once the painting is completely dry {the next day} with a kneaded eraser.

 I drew the one hand about three times before I got the size right. When I first worked on this it was coming out 18 inches square, compositions do not work square unless it is pattern or Folk art styling. I needed to extend it and it is something close to 16 x 20, a standard size which will allow me to have an easier time framing. When I start a wc I need at least three hours straight to put down the first layer which will set the pathway for realism. If the first layer is not right then the painting will not work. So, my house is quiet……aman…I have a few things to do first and then I will start painting and posting. Thanks for looking!

This is how far I have gotten today, about four hours. This is only the foundation of hues and shadows I need to bring up detailed realism. I like it so far……:}

Deja Vu

Have you ever been somewhere and you know the place, but you have never been there before? The surroundings are familiar and you know what lies beyond the corner. This is Deja Vu I believe. Is it a spiritual thing, a past life prehaps? It is very profound especially if you are praying and talking to God about the same experience or subject matter. Then is it a vision of something good in your future?  It is the same thing as Seed, time and harvest I believe. You plant a seed of Faith about something you hope for or work for in your life. Then time…..good old time…the test of virtue and patience. When you are going through   [fill in the blank] it takes forever and you feel it will never be over. Then when the time has passed and you reflect on the waiting you just went through and passing of the time seems like a week ago, but in reality it was a year or so ago. In retrospect we need to Trust God and His way even when it doesn’t seem like the situation will work out in our favor; the Time.  Then the Gift…….the Harvest and Blessings. My father always told me you get out of life what you put in into it……..seed, time and harvest. Very interesting. When God opens a door…..No man can shut. Take a moment to reflect on your blessings and notice how and where God is in the mix. Saying no where is NOT an option.

Just thought I’d share. I think it makes me the artist I am. Do not ever be afraid to be who you are or someone you were create to be. Don’t be afraid to dream Big dreams for yourself…..God will fulfill the desires of our hearts to those whom Love Him.

Another day.

Tonight is the last night for life drawing at Lafayette College for the next two months. I am a bit sad because once in life drawing studio again I realize how much the class has reinforced what I have already studied. That life drawing in the foundation for all art, either if you are a painter or whatever medium you work in. It is hard to manipulate realism if you do not have a basis or understnding for it first. Like I stated before sometimes I am not in the mood to draw by 7 pm at night! For the simple reason it has been a long day, I have back pain and really don’t do not feel like putting forth effort….many other reasons, but I need to prove to myself this is the only way I will improve as an artist on all levels. I need to have a strong foundation in order to stand tall so to speak. So, today I will attend in hopes to draw a professional model that doesn’t move so much. If I get tired of sketching gesture poses I will and need to concentrate on drawing hands and foreshortening views.  I have this watercolor I am starting in hopes to enter this juried show in NY by the end of July. I have it drawn out and I like it so far; I am having some trouble with the foreshortening of the one hand. I will try to work on that in a bit.

I have included a picture of my sketch that was drawn out in a “H” graphite pencil. If you use the H pencils be careful not to press hard on the paper/board because it will impress your paper with a mark or indent that will not come out. Do not press hard!  Also when starting to prepare your watercolors make enough of the base color, for example: This wc has blue as the base color of the car which means I need a lot of blue pigment. I use a porcelain egg tray for my palette, I find it works better than a porcelain plate because of the wells. I will make at least three pots “wells” of the same color blue in sure that I have enough of the same color blue to pull from. If one dries up it doesn’t matter just add water once again. Covering up a watercolor palette until next time just makes the paint have a funny texture for the next time…..just re-water to activate again.

This composition is starting to come into a 18 inch square and this I don’t care for. If it was Folk art then it would work, but I need to extend it somehow. Maybe by continuing the car a bit longer on the left side? That will give me the opportunity to show off some reflection work. I will see once I work a little longer on this.

 I ended up changing the arm angle and drawing in the hand larger in the picture below. Took the composition to 16×20, this way it wont be so expensive to frame because 16×20 is a standard size. I need about three hours straight to start painting and right now it’s late…home from life drawing which eas excellent as always. Now, for two months I can have Thursday night free.