Derwent Inktense pencils

Derwent Inltense color pencils are amazing and worth exploring. Here I included two quick get to know sketches of cat eyes.


I just bought the largest set available and once I actually have the time to sit down and play I will create with them. What I have noticed so far is they feel like a B graphite pencil as far as texture and softness. The color crushes and goes on very easily; stays where you put it. The colors are vivid and bright in comparison to other color pencils and more intense than color pencils needing less product and less effort to achieve a solid rich color. In comparison to all the watercolor pencils I have worked with I prefer Inktense, because with the other wc pencils leave the first mark you put down and takes longer to reach a rich solid color. Even with water the first mark stays and doesn’t wash out or disappear in  my opinion this has been my experience.

What I love about Inktense is that you can push the color around with literally a split-wet paint brush tip. In the golden color eye there are a few darker lines made with a barely wet tip. Really cool for extreme realism! I am in the mist of a huge watercolor painting, so in between drying of watercolor layers I will see what these Fabulous pencils can do! The cheapest place I found is Dlick Blick’s art on-line.

Set of 72 runs about $130.00. Worth every penny. Here is a color palette.004