Juried shows

Entering juried shows today is so easy compared to the “Olden days” before heavy use of ordinary people computer usage. I have found two kind of juried shows so far; a show where you are only required to enter online by submitting digital imagines without being matted. Other juried shows where you first submit a digital imagine and then if you make the first cut you will need to take the actual artwork to the show location. Make sure of the rules before you enter; you don’t want to enter a show half way across the US. I guess you can mail an entry, but you better check with the show before you mail. Most shows will not be responsible for the condition once received and or returning the art to you. If you are looking for art completions to enter the best way is to get an art magazine such as The Artist’s magazine or American Artist magazine and or go to your local book store; most will have several to choose from.

TIP: When taking a good photograph take the picture in natural light if you can and not in direct sunlight. Direct bright sunlight will wash the colors out in the picture. Do not add color and change color or whatever in a photo program!!! If the show requires art submitted created in the past 10 years for example don’t change the date and enter. Firstly, it is cheating, dishonest and simply wrong. God can’t and will not take your art to the next level based on a lie and you want to be Blessed for the get go!.

 I entered a juried show today for the first time in a long time. Honestly, who has an extra $100 just lying around? It cost $60.00 for three entries which was the cheapest I have come across compared to some other shows. What are you gonna do? If you want your art to be “Out there” you need an extra $100. Bucks!

Deja Vu

Have you ever been somewhere and you know the place, but you have never been there before? The surroundings are familiar and you know what lies beyond the corner. This is Deja Vu I believe. Is it a spiritual thing, a past life prehaps? It is very profound especially if you are praying and talking to God about the same experience or subject matter. Then is it a vision of something good in your future?  It is the same thing as Seed, time and harvest I believe. You plant a seed of Faith about something you hope for or work for in your life. Then time…..good old time…the test of virtue and patience. When you are going through   [fill in the blank] it takes forever and you feel it will never be over. Then when the time has passed and you reflect on the waiting you just went through and passing of the time seems like a week ago, but in reality it was a year or so ago. In retrospect we need to Trust God and His way even when it doesn’t seem like the situation will work out in our favor; the Time.  Then the Gift…….the Harvest and Blessings. My father always told me you get out of life what you put in into it……..seed, time and harvest. Very interesting. When God opens a door…..No man can shut. Take a moment to reflect on your blessings and notice how and where God is in the mix. Saying no where is NOT an option.

Just thought I’d share. I think it makes me the artist I am. Do not ever be afraid to be who you are or someone you were create to be. Don’t be afraid to dream Big dreams for yourself…..God will fulfill the desires of our hearts to those whom Love Him.

Being an artist; part 2

Hey there, I finally had a chance to print the two pictures I want to take this new watercolor from. IDK why I am so afraid of my photo printer? Anyway, I have two pictures I am going to pull from. I decided it is time I start to enter juried shows. The show entries’ fee can be expensive and it adds up quickly. Who really has an extra hundred dollars lying around these days? I am gonna bit the bullet so too speak and enter a show coming up by the end of July. Who knows maybe my lucky stars are with me and I can win something right? As soon as I get this new watercolor drawn out I will start to post the progression.

Being an artist.

I was thinking about when people you are meeting for the first time and they ask “What you do for a living?”  It took me a long time to be able to say “An artist” in a prideful manner.  In my experiences people often have a raised eye brawl and look at you with disappointment that you don’t measure up somehow.  Not that you need their approval.  I think it is just human nature to want to be accepted on some level. Unless you are truly known for your art, then these people can’t wait to be seen with you. In college studios you’re surrounded by other artist usually a bit stranger then you and you fit right in no questions asked! Boy, do I miss my college days. I don’t know if for the reason of being young again or if I knew then what I know now? probably a little of each. Young people today have the same stresses just bumped up a notch or two; this I have noticed the past few semesters in the college darkroom.

 When I was teaching and someone would ask “What do you do?” and when I replied; “I am a teacher” I didn’t feel so convicted or out-of-place and somewhat respected. Maybe it’s just me? 

I believe that my art talent is God-given and If I feel ashamed about being an artist God can not honor my work or even bless and anoint it. Like I said it has taken me a long time to get to this point, and not that I don’t care what people think of me…..I have grown spiritually in my life and I like where I am in my life [this season].  Then I was thinking earlier today “I am not painting/drawing enough” and then in my studio I have recent artwork everywhere! Wow! The past six months I have been working my butt off with my portfolio. Then it occurred to me “Do not let the devil trip your ass up”! Whisper crap into your ear; always something negative “Your not good enough” or “Your art sucks”. I tell you ……it is Not you thinking all these negative thoughts! Don’t believe the lies of the devil. God loves you and has a great plan for your life. Just imagine what artwork you can create if you had a positive view of yourself. Plus, your artwork will flow with ease. Keep a sketchbook because you may not be able to paint all the ideas you have at once!

Composition is key. Taking 100 pictures of the same subject forces you to not only look at the subject differently; it forces you to see the composition outside your comfort zone.  Presses you to challenge your skills and the norm of the subject you are photographing. In so you will learn to see and recognize good compositions in the future. You want to provoke emotion in your art. The person viewing your art will stand in front of it much longer if you tell a story in the artwork itself. A subject matter that means something to them the viewer; a fond memory of growing up for example. You need to set the scene in your art and why would someone look at your work?  A strong title is important also. I struggle with composition myself from time to time. You want movement in your composition meaning lines, shapes and forms that have your eye going throughout the artwork.  A light source to establish the time of day and what feeling or experience do you want the viewer to take from your art? There is a lot to think about when it comes to composition. Just the look on someone’s face in your work can tell a story.

I like to photograph and use my own pictures for reference; do not use someone else’s artwork for your own unless you ask the artist. If then give credit to the artist whom took the picture.

I am going to start entering juried shows, I had some photography published in college and it has been a long time over-do and its time to turn my work up a notch!

American Artist Watercolor magazine is hosting a juried competition for watercolor artist named, “What do you love?”.  Here is the link:  www.watercolorcompetition.com for all the rules. Deadline for entry is August 6th, 2012.

I have a few competitions and dates written down somewhere and I will post in the next day or so. I have a great awesome composition in mind for this juried show and I will post the in-progress of this new piece. I did the photography today!


Second hand art supplies

I know how expensive art supplies can cost and even with a 40% craft store coupon the cost is still high. Try looking for art supplies on Ebay. Most sellers I find are honest to deal with and ship on time. Supplies are mostly somewhat used, but in very good useable condition. For Prisma colored pencils cost $200. new  for the 132 set at the craft stores and these items hardly go on sale. On Ebay you can win a set for $30, 40, 50.00 if you take the time to look for the auctions. Even if some pencils are used it is a lot cheaper to buy a few needed colors.

Check out my newest color pencil drawing; Lehigh Valley art lessons; Roxanne Martino artist

This tiger is complete and drawn in color pencil.

For the most part I will call this color pencil finished. I will sit it here in my studio and I am sure as I look at it I will add to it. 12 x 13.25″. I didn’t capture the realism I know that could be displayed in watercolour…..

“Gettin” there! CP takes time and understanding realism in any medium is a building layering process. Never give up on your artwork! CP is not even my strong suit, watercolor realism is my love. Plus, the fact I was working in graphite when I entered college back in the day. Watercolor picked me! I had this class called painting 101 with Dr. Sawyer. Well, put it this way; I went to church this morning and I will only state positive remarks. After six weeks of painting fire hydrants in the hallway I was seeing them in my sleep. I think his goal was to teach us form and shape? One Wednesday afternoon after black and white darkroom studio I had watercolor fire hydrant class; really looking forward to it. I had a self portrait picture photo from dkrm. for another assignment and anyway after an hour of painting these  fire hydrants I disappeared to the back of the classroom. I pulled out my work from dkrm. and just started painting the watercolor displayed in my header;  “My first watercolour”.  I need to state I earned a “F” on that painting from Dr. Sawyer.  I think he didn’t like me because I told him once in class his people were too orange! Politely though. At any rate sometimes you think for example “I’d like to be a painter?” and fate or “Arthood”  has something different in mind. That is what I mean when I say “The medium has already picked you, so now you need to discover which one it is”. Do not put so much pressure on yourself as an Artist. Explore all the mediums and enjoy the talent God has given you. About three more hours I will have this done. Aman. I only started to draw in cp again because of one of my students is drawing a tigar in cp and I need to know the “ins and outs” of cp so I can teach and guide him the best I can. The whiskers I am painting in with craft paint?

This color pencil is starting to get to a point where I see the realism. Color pencil is a medium and skill all it’s own. In college there should be a 101, 102 etc. level cp drawing class just for cp techiques. Firstly, the Prisma color pencils are expensive to be able to purchase all the colors you need right away. Adding different brands to your collection is very important because as you learn how the brands relate to your developing techiques you need supplies. The paper is also one of the very important necessity; without a quality surface to work on you are wasting your time and pencils. I recommend an Illustration board or a rag based type board found in a { Fine } Art store.  A quality board will give you “Press-ability” which can be used to your benefit in creating realism. You may not start out with the goal of a portfolio piece, but your artwork has a better chance to be successful starting out with quality materials. Tip: Never wipe cp with your hand, use a soft brush to wipe off excess cp.

Any questions about color pencil or any medium you can email here and I will get back to you.

Color pencil is an art all it’s own. Using just one brand of cp can limit the range of effects you can achieve by using the reacton of different brands. The brands react differently to each other. Experiment with different brands  to see the range you can display.