The Unsent Letter..


This is how far I have been able to paint to. This is a large oil painting that I am not in a hurry to finish. It is better to produce quality vs, quantity. Some students say to me, “You’re still working on this?” and my answer is I would rather like what I painted then never be satisfied or question my work at a later date. I have been very busy outside my studio and haven’t had the time window  that I need to paint, so eventually there will be the time. My photography here isn’t as focused as I think it could be or my glasses aren’t strong enough! Anyway, the light I am now starting to put in is beautiful. Whom ever views this once hanging and takes the time to read the letter the painting will have so much more depth then just the title explanation.

Remember the Light source in every composition in any medium you work with. Complete flesh tones through out with consistency is key. Looking at where the light is coming from and how the light changes and affects tones. If you are not sure then set up a Still Life to help aid you. mannequins are wonderful for this purpose; if that  isn’t an option for you then ask a friend or family member to sit for a little time. Take pictures as reference to help guide you in the process.

Watercolor portrait

In the next several pictures are the progression of the newest wc portrait I started yesterday of my friend Audrey. There are so many details in the scarf that I may change the design a little and add a blouse type shirt with the scarf. There are three layers of wc so far, just the foundation for realism to begin. I have about three-four hours in this so far. There will be about three solid layers and then many controlled detailing for realism. In the picture Audrey is in a serious pose, but I am going to try to put a slight smile to this. The background I may paint something a bit different then the picture. The glasses have the most interesting reflection, so I will get them in once I see how the eye area starts to work up for me.