Drawing and painting, Painting and drawing.



Painting and drawing GO HAND AND HAND. There is absolutely no way around it; you  must know how to draw before you can paint. Learn concepts and Elements of drawing; [line, shape, form, size, texture. movement, value, space and color]. There are no magic pencils. I know and I hear, ” I’m really not an artist though!” and I reply, it doesn’t matter, art doesn’t know the difference! If you want your artwork to improve you need to draw, sketch your butt off!  I am sorry,,,,,,what can I say?

I suggest getting your can in a Life drawing class! In my area Lafayette College offers FREE Life drawing every Thursday evening from 7-9:30 pm at The Williams Art Building on 3rd Street Easton. After a tablet full of sketches you will start to see an improvement in your drawing skills.  I can only say if you want to learn to draw you will do what it takes to learn. Life drawing is KEY!


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