You are important too!

As a super Mom there comes a time when you must take time for yourself and what makes you happy. If your happy and content with yourself it will make it easier to deal with all the stresses and responsibilities in your life. It isn’t easy to take a step back from everyone’s needs and wants to count yourself important. When your children are smaller it is understandable the children need you more. Don’t be afraid to pass on responsibilities to growing children; chores are good and teach responsibility.  I learned and am still learning or going through the process of readjusting the way I live my life and counting myself important.  You can not give away something you don’t have; for example love. If you don’t love yourself you can not give love or offer healthy love to somebody else. You can’t give respect if you don’t respect yourself. I also know God won’t give you the next step, more responsiblity or promotion in your life if you can’t even put the grocery cart back; not leaving the cart in the parking lot to hit another car.

It is important to take time for yourself and enjoy your life.  It doesn’t make you a bad parent, just a healthy happy one.  If drawing or art is important to you, then start with an hour or two a week for yourself to draw. I know time is hard to come by in certain stages of raising kids so use the time wisely to prepare for the future; take pictures of things you would like to draw or paint in the future and keep a file. Remember you were somebody before the kids came and you still will be somebody when they grow up and leave to live their own lives. As hard as that fact is it is true. So, count yourself deserving and valuable now!

God gives each and every one of us a gift for life, now it is our job to bless Him with that gift and bless others with that gift as well.  Don’t think you are “Just” a anything…….be a light and shine in your environment. A friendly hello to someone, a caring smile or action towards someone can mean the world to someone else. You may not even realize how much you really mean to somebody and a difference you are making.

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