Acrylic painting

When you are working with acrylic paint remember to add a Slow-dry blending medium to keep the paint from drying too quickly. There is not a lot of time between blending and shading objects. Before you have a chance to re-work a section the paint will dry. In comparison acrylic paint has a faster drying time compared to craft paint.

Another important fact is metallic colors are either transparent or semi-transparent. For example; if you are painting metal, chrome and want a shine paint the object first in gray and gray tones and then once dry coat the object with the metallic silver. metallic do not usually mix well with opaque colors.

[Opaque is solid color or can’t see through. Transparent is being able to see through the color; almost feels watered down].

The following pictures are Rose’s motorcycle painting in process. I will add more pictures as we work on it.

So far the painting looks good. Most details were added and can be finished in a few days. I will show Rose how to finish up.009

It is much easier to work on the driveway before completing the rest of the bike for the simple reason it will be easier to paint in the bike’s edges with a background already in. Adding colors such as the reflection orange in the headlights can be added in a dry brush technique; not a lot of wet paint on the brush and very controlled.

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