Watercolor completed and the Elements of drawing 101.

When I first started to paint this watercolor I really thought and considered not finishing it! At first it was overwhelming in size and felt intimating to paint. I rather paint closer up realism vs. in a large busy composition. It is a good thing really; signs of growing as an artist! I am working outside my comfort zone and the only way to grow as an artist is to work and challenge yourself in scale or subject matter. At the same time though you need to be able to admit the challenge may be too much out of your reach at this point. Now I need to figure out what I need to do in order to enter this in a juried show? Need to cut a matt and framing. Do read the rules prior to entering, which I did…but now need to actually take a moment to understand and carry them out. Wish me luck! Where’s my old drawing prof now!  *******Notice the edges! Neat and clean. That is what artist tape does for ya! I could matt about a quarter inch bigger to show the edges off if I wanted too.******The neatest part taking off the tape!

The Elements of drawing:

1. Line: gestural line, contour line, construction line, cross contour line and lines of shading. Line, shape, shade, form, color, value, space and texture.

In order to understand value range in scale and shape, form and line you need to have a strong foundation in understanding these elements and drawing. I suggest starting in graphite, a black and white medium. You need at least three to five solid compositions under your experience in order to start to understand value of shades along with solid composition. If the composition doesn’t work then the entire drawing will not work neither. There are several drawing exercises you should practice as well. These I can teach you. As soon as I get an extra moment I will post pictures of these exercises that you can follow. If you think you do not need them….then your wrong. You need a strong foundation of principles. Once you master these principles on all the elements your work will come more easily to you. Plus, a Life drawing class is the strongest foundation you can start with. You will learn to see all the elements with out too much pressure when working on a composition. When you are working on a drawing or any artwork you want the artistic magic to flow and it will with a strong foundation. Trust me on this. I am sure you have seen still life set-ups with circular shapes, sphere, cylinder, and cone shapes? These still life  are to teach you basic shapes that can relate to all things found in the natural. This teaches you the elements and how to draw them, but how to see the changing light on one object and how they affect each other in light. The following pictures may help you understand what I am saying when I say elements. One picture is from a drawing book [ Drawing the creative process by Seymour Simmons III and Winer] the sphere is one of  mine from college. These are great drawing exercises to practice.

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