A season for everything.

Another quick Thank you to all the people who took the time to comment on my blog with such kind inspiring words. I read all of them and like one person said that I inspired her by what I wrote even though we most likely will never meet.  How beautiful. If we don’t tell our story how is anyone else going to benefit from our experiences? People all over the world of every race have a common core and it’s to be loved.

I was thinking about how I am closer to 50 then 45….OMG! Say that out loud! It hurts a little! lol. It’s funny and its true age is just a number; it is what we learn in life and what we pass on that is important. There is a season for every part, every stage of life that we must embrace because it happens if we want it to or not. I am at a point that I want to celebrate!!! I raised three amazing children, my youngest just got the big driver’s licence! Yeepee!!! I can take the taxi sign off my car! My mom said to me “Oh, I am so sad they are all grown up and I wish they were little again”.  “Are you serious?”. I am thanking God for this new season in my life. I can actually start to remember who I am as an artist and take “back time” for myself. There is a light at the end of the tunnel that is getting a bit brighter!  I am glad my kids are growing up and hopefully flying the nest in the near future or few years. I am tired. Tried of cleaning up and following everyone’s schedule!  I did the best I could to be a great solid Mom they can always count on and they know that. They know my story that I was not able to have children because of endrometriosis and God granted me three;  He has a great plan for their life. Well, He has a great plan for all of our lives…. we just need to invite Him into it. If I did anything right they all know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Just because the world says something that certainly doesn’t mean God feels that way. His ways are not the worlds.

Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7)

  I love being a Mom, super I may add! And I wouldn’t give that up for anything……but I am tired……..I am looking forward to my new approaching season in my life. I want to be able to dedicate more time to my artwork and I actually want to enter some juried shows! Who knows maybe I might win one!

 When I was teaching High School art my children were young, just babies and the common feeling amongst all my students was that they wished there was a parent home when they got home from school just to ask them how their day was. Even if they were mad at their Mom or Dad;  Just a parent to listen to them complain about whatever……Not nesseccarliy give any answers….just Listen. Possibly a hug and a simple “I love ya kiddo” or “I am proud of ya”. Answers that do not cost a penny, we can not Buy our children with stuff because we feel guilty because we need to work and don’t set time apart to spend with them. Then material items are more important to ya than your kids. Turn the dumb TV off and eat dinner together.  I taught my kids responsiblity when they were just small; I remember once when I was giving my second baby a bath in the kitchen sink. My oldest was about three then, He wanted to help me and I knew there would be a bit more water on the floor! But, it was important to make him feel proud of himself for helping Mommy and it taught him some responsibility. It didn’t really matter the diaper went on backwards! He felt great about himself for helping and He felt loved.  Never fails baby always poop after their bath anyway, so just do another diaper change and put the second one on right! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Looking back into my teaching career my students taught me more about raising teenagers and the teenage years then any book ever could.  The point is if any is to enjoy your kids at every age and stage; time goes like that!  Children are a gift from God and we should respect that. As a parent {if you are one} you know how we feel about our kids sometimes? You think OMG will I survive this kid? Lets be honest as parents we all go through crazy times, but remember Love and encouragement are gifts to give everyday. It doesn’t cost a penny and we’d be so much more richer for it in the ways that count. At the end of the day we all just want to be loved.

My Studio!

One of the best decision I ever made was to make a space for myself to work on my artwork. I like to call it my studio, makes me feel inspired to create. If I added my sewing machine it would be an old lady’s craft room! Anyway, I cleaned my space tonight and of course I wish it was larger…..but I am grateful for what I have.  My dollhouse is in the other corner to the left. I was thinking of trying to turn my dollhouse’s large table somehow thinking I would have more space…….but I love to look at Zanadu Mansion in all its unfinished splender. 

Thank you.

I just wanted to say a quick Thank you for all the kind words and feedback for my blog site. I am new to blogging and this site; I just wanted to show-case my artwork.  I did read every comment made and approved them, but I am not sure where to read them after they get approved or are posted? LOL! I am getting there.

 It has been a long journey getting to this point and at times I tell ya I wanted to give up!  It only has been the past year that I actually felt like putting forth effort, if that makes sense? Like I did write on my blog somewhere that between being Super Mom, the captain of this House and my health there wasn’t any time for me! And if there isn’t anytime for me I can’t give something or anything away if I don’t have it myself. We all want to be a better parent, a better spouse, and or sister etc.  I love Joyce Meyer and she says; ” You can’t give something away you don’t have”.  Example: you can’t give love if you don’t love yourself or you can’t  give respect to someone if you don’t respect yourself. The big one is: Hurting people hurt people!  IDK……my point is I am a happier person if I can create my art and feel good about myself creating.  I try to watch Joyce Meyer everyday and study The Word [Bible] with her and except the love God has for me through His Son Jesus. I have learned that { I } we do not have all the answers to life; Why did that happen? or why am I in this situation? etc. God lets things happen in our lives so we draw closer to Him and learn to Trust Him with absolute Faith. I wouldn’t be standing if not for my Lord and Savior Jesus.

I have no idea why I am writing this but in short story someone out there in cyber space must need to read this: 

I always wanted to be a Mom. God knows our hearts. I was Not able to have children because of Endometriosis and I lost count of how many surgeries later. I knew that I knew that the Lord God ways are not ours. I had to release my Faith in prayer and believe what God says about  circumstances.  Look up Matthew 7-24. The scriptures states anyone who stands on Christ will not fall.  My first child was born on 7-24 time. My second child was born on day 7-24 and my third child was born in room 724. Do Not ever say there is no God or Jesus.  If you are one of those people who say; “OH….not me” where is He in my life? Well, shut up, stop believing the devil, and invite Jesus into your heart and see not what you lose but how your life will change for the better.  As simple as; “Jesus, I invite you to come into my heart, I am a sinner, please forgive me and I make you my Lord and Savior”. Aman.  Watch your life change for the better.

Drawing animals in graphite

This is an updated picture of a graphite drawing in process by Joan. The kitty’s name is Ms. Belle a real loveable stinker I am told. In the composition notice how the detailed sofa wooden arm design balances out the pillow riffle.  It is the similar shapes that compliment each other. The design on the sofa material works because of the repetitive shapes and constantly of design. In good composition there should be movement throughout the drawing. There should be shapes, lines and form leading your eye into the picture and out of the picture. Notice how the piping on the sofa takes your eye across the composition. As Joan works on this drawing she is learning to understand value scale and how it relates to the composition concerning depth in shadows. Once the drawing is completed as far as the finishing of the drawing itself,  I will teach Joan how to take the realism to the next level. Please follow my blog for updates on the “How Too’s” in realism art.

Watercolour portrait

I like to spell watercolour with a “U”, feels more artist like!  Anyway,  I worked for about an hour on this morning, adding and working up the realism. Now, I need to let it sit for a day or so and give my eyes a rest. Plus, I want to let the paint really dry and take hold and settle. Once that happens I will go back into it add ridiculous realism. Certainly, the painting can stay as is and be called finished, but I need to take it to the next level. 

 I thought about this many times why I need to take my artwork into realism and I came to the conclusion that I can not change what kind of artist God made me or gave me the eyes to see as an artist; I can only work hard with what I do know as an artist and honor God, enhance, plus develop what I know as an artist and take my artwork to the next level. I have been working hard in Life drawing and actually seeing results I enjoy, so that is a good thing. Two minute poses are hard for me because I want to draw not sketch gesture drawings. I don’t know if it is that I only had about thousand hours spent in  life drawing classes or I am at a point I can skip that section of class? Good question. All I do know is that I Thank God for my life and what He is doing in it, especially as an artist. Without The Lord I would Not be standing, all my Blessing are because of Him whom died on that cross at Calvary for me.

One very important fact; Do Not ever think Your Art is not worth creating! Being an Artist is a gift from God. {period}. Do Not let the devil set your a** up!  Take the time to look around  sometime; at nature, the birds chirping, a child’s smile or your own life. What obstacles you have overcome in life and are still standing. Do not ever think “Where is God?”, He is and was right there with you the whole time. He is the Creator and what an Artist is He. So, if you are an artist and reading this right now realize that God gave you a part of Himself; the artist. What is important to you is important to God.

I really like the scarf and the way the folds are. I want to enhance the pattern yet and I will come back to it in a day or so. Right now I am going to try to downsize this easel my Dad made me when I was in college. The problem is it so big! My Dad always made things for giants! Once he made a picnic table that when you sat down at it the actual table top was at your chin! No lie! lol. Funny stuff. Wish I had a picture of that. So, I probably could make two easel just with the one.

Watercolor portrait

This is how far I was able to get on this watercolor of Audrey. I just started to paint in the foundation for the patterns. I am not following the actual photo pattern, using the photo as a guide. There are about four layers at least for the realism. At this point I am happy with the progress. I am changing the age and face lines some as well.

Came home a bit early from Life drawing to put another layer of color on. The scarf is coming along well. Once this dries well I will go back into it to finish.

Watercolor portrait

In the next several pictures are the progression of the newest wc portrait I started yesterday of my friend Audrey. There are so many details in the scarf that I may change the design a little and add a blouse type shirt with the scarf. There are three layers of wc so far, just the foundation for realism to begin. I have about three-four hours in this so far. There will be about three solid layers and then many controlled detailing for realism. In the picture Audrey is in a serious pose, but I am going to try to put a slight smile to this. The background I may paint something a bit different then the picture. The glasses have the most interesting reflection, so I will get them in once I see how the eye area starts to work up for me.

Life drawing

This was a 30 minutes sketch drawn on Strathmore artist paper which has a tooth; more likely to use with pastels. I enjoy working on this embossed cold press paper which has a surface or texture mimicking a golf ball divots.  Look closely at the dotty result from the paper’s texture. At first, when sketching it is tempting to toss the sketch into the garbage! It is not similar to drawing on newsprint, the texture doesn’t allow detail at first. Continue to work the sketch for the first 10 minutes or so. Here I used vine [soft] and compressed charcoal [hard] which allowed the shadows [in vine] to smear brilliantly. Still needs to be cleaned up and worked a bit more. The nose is a little too long, but I can’t change that now. This is still a good work sketch with a good likeness, so until he models for the class again this was a good practice.

I noticed how some of the other artist were drawing and most just sketch in a gestural approach. One person was drawing in the Geometric Simplification [in shapes or blocking], or simple contour drawing lines [ outside lines of forms]. 

I always start by drawing an eye and then the next eye. Get them in proper alignment and work from the center of the face outwards. If you draw the contour line [outside]  of the face first, then you make it very hard for yourself to “Fit” in the eyes, nose and mouth in proper relationship to each other or you will erase the contour line you put in already. Do not ever draw the chin for example smaller than it really is just to fit into the outside contour line you’ve drawn, erase the outside line. This model is very fit and in good shape, so the muscle lines are linear and defined in form which allows you to study the figure in proper proportions vs. an over weight model where you need to know the skeleton and look for core lines to start.  It is easier to sketch defined form for a 30 minute pose if the model is fit.  During a 30 minute pose the time will allow for a Tonal drawing meaning a value range study from lights to darks and allow for more detail or realism.

My dollhouse mansion.

I added a few new pictures of the windows in the parlour and main entrance. Also on my blog under My Dollhouse Mansion in the menu section I added a page of updated pictures as well. Not sure if the outside should be stone or clapboard? There is a lot of work to complete before the window unit is glued in place; the curtains, the entire inside wall, the flooring on the walkway, the bannister and all the trim work.