My photography

There are auras of light orbs of light in several of the pictures. In the next picture and the last picture I posted there are two, but only one can be seen here? Double click on the picture to enlarge and you can see the auras or balls of light/spirit. I took these from car while driving. I took another set, but I pulled off the road this time and there are a few orbs here and there. I like the composition. As I go through all the photography I have been working on I will post and update. The picture below is really interesting. I am not sure on a title.  I have been working hard on pulling together unfinished work from college; searching through negatives and asking myself why I never worked some of them up? I believe my artwork then has finally caught up to me now and the way I see things differently just simply because of life experiences.  I guess I didn’t see in them then what I see now or what they meant to me on a profound level?  It’s a good question. It is very interesting to look back at my work [from college] and realize I still can relate but now in a more mature fashion. I appreciate the artwork and the direction I was going in. The past two years I have been working in the darkroom and trying to gather and finish unfinished work. I plan to still work in the same direction, it’s interesting that I still can relate to these pieces and the ones I didn’t like then as much speak to me now. It’s true what the saying states; “I wish I knew then what I know now!” unfortunately….. the knowledge and enlightenment does come with age and before you know it you’re in your forties.

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